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edit Ich Bin Ein Celebrity Juden, Get Me Out Of Here!

OK, it won the Turkey Day Ball Bad Taste article section, but the field wasn't massive - how does it stand up as an article in its own right? --UU - natter UU Manhole 10:54, Dec 29

Midway through review before unexpected interruption. Will have it done in a few hours. --Matfen 14:43, January 1, 2010 (UTC)

Prose Concept Humour Images Misc Score Summary

edit Reviewer details:

A little bit about the reviewer before we start.

Just your average nazi sympathiser and anti-semite. --Matfen 15:51, January 1, 2010 (UTC)

edit Prose and Formatting:

How good does it look and how well does it read? 9


Writing style

A very nice propaganda-style article which appears to have been written by some of Hitler's descendents.


See grammar.


the successful completion of which would allow (I would say "reward the "roommates" with certain luxuries", but is either way) the "roommates" certain luxuries, such a (as a?) bed free from lice...

the winner being allowed to repair to the shower block (I'm not entirely sure what you're getting at. Is the winner allowed to repair the shower block, or did you accidentally put the word repair there, and mean they could have a nice trip to the shower block.)


Fair enough, but I'll get to some small formatting issues in the image section.

Overall appearance

Nice (ironic for an article that glorifies the holocaust).

edit Concept

How good an idea is behind the article? 9

I like the concept very much. Sometimes while I was reading it, I'd think about what it was missing, and then it seemed to second guess me and put it in. I was about half way down thinking "where's Dr. Mengele?" and then he appeared. Weird. Anyway, I guess the the concept is quite short, but if you stretched it out, you could risk it be less funny, or even going over the border of REALLY bad taste, so I guess it's fine as it is. A very dark corner of my mind imagined a section that actually named some famous "contestants" and people who tried to rig the show (EG Oskar Schindler), but that would probably be really harsh and just plain upsetting if any relatives saw it. I couldn't care much about the racism debate we have at Uncyc, but ripping on holocaust victims would be wrong. So good job for staying on the right side of tastefulness, and aiming the parody at German ignorance of the holocaust, rather than holocaust victims themselves.

edit Humour

How funny is it? Why is it funny? How can it be funnier? 9

I think I pretty much went through humour in the above concept section. A lot of it comes from the euphamisms used to hide and paint acts of cruelty in a positive light, which is done very well. I'm a bit of a n00b though, as I had to look up Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on wiki for his relation to the holocaust denial.

edit Images

How are the images? Are they relevant, with good quality and formatting? 8

Images are relevant and funny enough. However, I feel the formatting of their sizes could be a bit better. The first picture cuts off the horizontal line on "show format" title. Reducing the size by a few pixels would fix this problem. The second one also does this, however, because its not the introductory section image, this isn't so bad. However, if you made it a bit larger you could fit the whole caption on one line. The space is almost there, you just need to increase by a few pixels. However, I'm not sure if anyone on Uncyc cares about image and caption sizing the way I do, so feel free to ignore. Last thing, I think the captions should have full stops at the end of them.

edit Miscellaneous

The article's overall quality - that indefinable something. 8.8

Averaged (random sidenote: whilst doing the pee average calculator, I had to insert the numbers 9 9 9, which sounds like Hitler saying "Nein! Nein! Nein!" on Inglourious Basterds. lol)

One last thing to annoy you with is the use of "Zer" for the word "The". While I recognise what you're getting at, I'm not sure if the correct German butchery of the word "the" would be "Ze" instead. Its hard to tell, and there may be different accents and dialects that change this in Germany. Or maybe I'm getting confused with ze French accent. I know it's a stupid qualm and is a bit random, but that's what ze miscellaneous section is for.

edit Final score

Final Score

edit Summary

An overall summation of the article.

Very good article that would probably do well on VFH.

This was a PEE review by ze jew hunter, --Matfen 15:51, January 1, 2010 (UTC)
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