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EXPLANATION: Spoof on "ISKCON" (the Harry Harrys) without mentioning any names. It's a rare insiders look at this "ISKCON" Movement (where guru is God, and vise versa). As a spoof it's pretty accurate. If you read the Wiki on ISKCON you see the icing on the card-board cake. People go WOW!!! But if they read this spoof before jumping in too fast it might unHelp. At the same time we cannot mention any names out of fear. The word or name Krishna, a Hindu name of God from 3000 BC, is Sanskrit, and means, "The All-attractive". Then, in 1966 AD, He appeared from India as the Guru and started in New York and many hippies jumped on board (an assortment of wackos), and a real hilarity ensued, and a constant heart break for many. The Guru was/IS considered to be "God" by these people (apotheosis??) and some claim he was murdered by poison in 1977. To this day the madness and arguments of some 30,000 people globally, who have a ton of skeletons in the closet, and have divided into warring camps, all who hate each other, especially the mother-movement in India, where the Guru originated, viz., Gaudiya Math (Math means astram) whose polite Indian members are treated with highest contempt as, "The enemy camp" (i.e., the competition). Thus the play of mathematics in MATH. If you ever read a book named, Monkey On A Stick (about ISKCON crimes and murders) or the book, "Betrayal of the Spirit" by a 2nd generation disciple who was flipped-over when her guru, one of the 11 NEW self-appointed Gurus (All-Attractives), one by one, fell back into worldly life and gave up GOD-guruship, only to have more basic idiots appointed as Gurus. It's the most whacked out mess you ever heard of. And these people think they (devotees) are gods, and us (non-devotees) are demons. For the world's smallest religion they have the BIGGEST ego. And their one objective is to get so much money, by hook or crook, that they can take over the material World (like George Carlin used to joke, "God is all powerful, etc etc., but He needs money!!").
Note: Without mentioning any names, the article is kind of above (or below) being insider offensive. Although they don't like all their dark secret exposed, which I have done. Believe it!!! A few things that might sound believable are satire, and what sounds unbelievable are all facts. How's THAT for an "unArticle"!?--Funnybony 21:03, October 16, 2009 (UTC)
BTW: This article was informally Pee Reviewed by The Right Honorable Spike, and as a result of his valuable input it has been completely revamped. So this can be considered the SECOND Pee Review. Now it is completely different. Enjoy!--Funnybony 12:01, October 19, 2009 (UTC)

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