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edit HowTo:State your opinion

No, you're not dreaming this. I, Boomer, actually finished an article, and I, Boomer, would like it reviewed by one of you cads er, users. I'll add more links later, so don't worry about that while you're reviewing. Any ideas for additional images would be appreciated, though. Sig_pic.PNG Unsolicited conversation Extravagant beauty PEEING 02:28, 26 January 2008 (UTC)

WOW! BLIMEY! You feeling OK boss??? OK, MrN is on the case... This is going to be 'interesting'. MrN Icons-flag-gb HalIcon.png WhoreMrn.png Fork you! 18:38, Jan 26
Humour: 7.5 First of all. Add some links.

I actually read it honest. Hmm, well... This is rather difficult for me to say, and er, I'm not sure of the best way to go about saying it. Perhaps I will say it quietly hoping no one will hear... I actually quite like your writing style...

Cough, Cough. Dam that was awkward. I feel all dirty...

OK, some actual comments on the article thingy. It's pretty funny, a good effort especially considering it's your first article.

I did not think I would ever say, or perhaps type these words but: "I think you need to be more opinionated Boomer."

I think you can also get away with a (short) list of some of the best famous insulting opinions. I will leave it up to a man experienced as yourself on such matters to choose which ones, but I think the new section will help. It's a easy way to get some good lines in and I think you can justify it considering the subject.

Surely there should be a reference to the village dump? Maybe even Pee Review? The location of some of the most opinionated individuals on Uncyc. I mean, I heard about this one guy who was hanging around here for months before actually writing his first full article. Terrible eh? cough.

Surely the dump could be used a little more directly in the article to give examples of this kinda vocal skill? Maybe even "An Article on HowTo State Your opinion? You could use a picture of a bandwagon with everyone jumping in?

Probably the most useful suggestion I can make would be to PUT IT IN THE MAIN SPACE! It's ready, and good enough. No need to fear those nasty wonderful admins. This is not going to get huffed in a hurry, and it really just needs the input of a few more people, which I'm sure you will get as this is a good idea, and people will be interested in it. Oh, don't forget to use CAPS correctly when you move this to the main space. I'm not sure you should just have caps for the first word of the tittle.

Sorry I could not come up with very many ideas for new funny, that first comment just kinda threw me off balance. I think I need to go the doctors or something.

Concept: 8.5 It's a good idea for an article. I'm very surprised that this has not been done before, and fits into Cajeks concept guide of "I wish I had thought of it" so you get a good score for concept. Not that you have ever read the Pee Guidelines I'm sure. :-)

You have gone with an insulting style, but you are really just taking the piss, without really giving an example of an opinionated person. Surely this article should be written in the style of someone who believes that only their views are correct? Maybe that would add a bit of colour. Is that color? Hmm whore. Any excuse eh...

Prose and formatting: 7.5 A few bits of tidying up here and there are required, but basically you keep to your style well and are consistent. Read through a few more times to save those sumg buggers who like to change spooling/gramer erors. Dam, hate people who force their spellings on others.

Did I mention adding more links?

Images: 5 I see your problem. It's rather difficult to come up with ideas for images for some articles, and this is defiantly one of them. There are lots of things you could do like have some pics of well known opinionated people, maybe a soap box, or perhaps a kidnapping, but that would probably be a bit lame. Because of your writing style you have to go with something which is aggressive and derogatory.

If you just went with a picture of a very sumg looking person it might work better. Everyone will be expecting to find a pic of Mr Bush, or Oprah, so defiantly don't go with one of them.

Is there a famous American personality you can think of who is well know for not having an opinion? How not to do it?

Maybe a 9/11 pic illustrating the opinion of the middle east?

The election is coming up? Perhaps a reference to that somewhere might work.

Miscellaneous: 7.1 {{7.5|8.5|7.5|5}} + add links.
Final Score: 35.6 A great idea, which needs some considerable amount of additional work to make it to VFH if you're thinking in that direction, but the concept is good enough to make it.

I would consider writing in a more opinionated style, but I'm not sure if you could possibly do that. I know you're defiantly not one of those nasty people.

You can gain access to a lot more material if you choose to go with some meta humour relating to Uncyc, but I think you might be trying to avoid that. Unfortunately, when this does get into the main space I think it's likely that other people will add the meta stuff in, so it might actually be best to do it now, and do a good job of it, rather than having lame stuff added badly later.

Sorry, this has not been my most useful review, it's difficult to come up with new ideas, but I think you will get a lot more when others are able to edit it. It's then your job to clean up the mess they leave, and gleam out the good stuff to improve what you have. Don't forget to add some good links to this article into other articles, and make sure it's in the correct categories. You need to make sure that other people will find it. Whoring on talk pages does work, obviously, but it's the links from other quality articles into yours which will keep the thing going after time. Welcome to article writing!

Also, add some more links, but that's just my opinion.

Please note: The opinions expressed in this article are all completely correct, as the author knows far better than you about what the hell he is doing.

Reviewer: MrN Icons-flag-gb HalIcon.png WhoreMrn.png Fork you! 20:11, Jan 26
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