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edit HowTo:Reinvent the wheel

A guide for the person who needs it most. This is my third how-to, and the feeling I get from helping my fellow man follow directions and end up bettering their lives is indescribable. So let me describe it, the following ten paragraphs have been cut by the pee review staff to save time and allow the reviewer to review the page unburdened by bias and useless theorizing and soon I knew that the feeling of helping my Aunt Milly to the loo in her time of need summed it up nicely. Thanks for reading this long intro, and thanks for reviewing the page. Al des chains 20:29 22 5 MMX

I asked, and you agreed. So please allow me.--Funnybony Icons-flag-th Agnideva-small.jpg AGT-logo-small.jpg 10:56, May 25

Humour: 8 As you know, I love to do really good article reviews, cause they're easy. Hehe! In this case you have a great idea, the wheel, and a very well composed article. Only one serious flaw, it belongs in the "WhatIf:" category, not the "HowTo:". It is kind of like, "How To Save Tax On a Million Dollars" book, step 1. Get a Million dollars. Huh! Wow, thanks! BUT, there is no "WhatIf" category. So you need step one: How to intentionally travel back in time when there was no wheel. Ah! Time travel. OK, explain that. Otherwise you break the rule of HTBFANJS that states (in the bull-shit purport, HTBAFANJACF): "Referencing an extra-dimension with no reason. – Give an absurdly funny reason!" I mean, "time-travel" - that is step ONE.

A piece of cake, that needs a funny method

, like, ah, a Time Machine. Sure! Of course. HowTo make a time machine is for another article, you just get one from the museum and fire it up.

Also, under Evade, "what is that, a Mastodon???" Would look more sober with one "?" rather than three. So other than changing a "WhatIf" into a "HowTo" I see nothing wrong. Once you get past the non-helpful start it is all fine. Superb!

Concept: 8 Would be a 10 if I knew how-the-hell to accomplish step one. HowTo shows "means", WhatIf shows "circumstance". This is HowTo.
Prose and formatting: 10 Your stuff is really well-done. In this regard I find nothing wrong.
Images: 9 Sure. Good ones. Only the Jungle scene was a bit esoteric or hard to place. Mainly cause in such a jungle wheels would be useless. As usual I like your use of large graphics, and also ending with a really large graphic.
Miscellaneous: 9 Because of what has been mentioned in Concept. You know, "how the heck do I get a million dollars?"
Final Score: 44 This HowTo: is your best concept yet. Because of the wheel representing "common sense" and reinventing it is such a common cliché. But this is a howto article, so get us, intentionally, into the past, while retaining our modern day knowledge. I mean, why bother with the Wheel? Better to reinvent the Whore House.

You might say I'm just harping on one point, and that is correct. I see no 2nd point. Once you explain howto time-travel, then it flows logically. Why not use Jules Verne's time machine sitting in the Museum in London. It has worked on many occasions already. Cheers!

Reviewer: --Funnybony Icons-flag-th Agnideva-small.jpg AGT-logo-small.jpg 11:35, May 25
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