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edit HowTo:Get on T.V.

My first article. Enjoy.

User:The Masked Editor/sig (22:00, Dec 7 2008)

Humour: 9 This was very funny, you had many jokes that worked perfectly. Like the OH there isnt a TV in hell? What made it short of a 10 is explained next.
Concept: 6 Great concept, there is alot of potential with this topic. But this particular article seemed to have left some things to be desired. If that makes sense. I expected it to be a bit more on stupid things people do to get on T.V. like stuff on Jackass and other stunts ALONG with things that are big like shooting the president. Expansion in this area will create diversity which I think could help. For example there was a real incident that a kid got hit by a car his friend was driving and it was completely staged and obviously fake, yet still they were all on T.V.
Prose and formatting: 7 No real mispellings, but you seem to throw cuss words out where it isnt necessary, which weakens the overall effect.
Images: 7 Good pictures, all were good, one more towards then end could've helped.
Miscellaneous: 7 Average
Final Score: 36 This was really funny, just with a topic so broad you could expand into different methods as to how to get on T.V.Im new to this too and this is my first review (although i have read alot). I have two im about to put in for review so check those out if you want (or go on my page and comment on talk they should be there).
Reviewer: --Yodel monkey 01:31, 8 December 2008 (UTC)
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