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edit HowTo:Change a Spare Tire

I nommed this for FA but forgot to get a review first. Speed is more important than depth on this, as the actress said to the bishop. Pup

Humour: 8.5 .
  • Lolt.
  • Could be a teeny bit better.
  • More deadpan perhaps.
  • Or more zany. One of those.
  • Interchange those and the nom's in the bag.
Concept: 9 .
  • Lolt.
  • I've never actually changed a tire, but it seems... *shudders* labor-intensive.
  • A howto. Perfect.
Prose and formatting: 7 .
  • Deadpanning ridiculousness. Thumbs up.
  • Sometimes the deadpanning got away from me and my eyes glazed over bits. Then I had to go back and read them.
  • Not sure how to fix this ^ thing.
  • Could you insert some whitespace as a buffer between images and text?
  • It's OK but could use some fixing.
Images: 6 .
  • It has images.
  • None are funny.
  • No captions.
Miscellaneous: 7.6 .
  • Avg'd.
  • Get over it.
Final Score: 38.1 .
  • I lolt. Not just at this pee request, either.
Reviewer: Necropaxx (T) {~} Friday, 17:22, Jan 29 2010
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