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edit HowTo:Become a Communist

My first proper attempt at an article, so I've no idea whether it's good or not. Cheers.

PurpleAlex 23:54, 18 January 2009 (UTC)

Outhouse   Tagstit   doesn't believe in new fancy-pancy toilet systems with running water and all. Just a hole in the ground with a lil' cover will do. Now gimme' your article and I'll be done in a few minutes.

While you are welcome to review this, I suggest you find another article in need of help so that we can clear the ever growing Pee Request list.

Humour: 6 I will try to keep this brief. I think a big problem with your humour, is that you try to hard. From what I can see, this article is just an attempt to bash on a system and crack as many jokes as you can on it. Which is all good an well, but it begins to become unfunny because of the way it is written. In fact, much of the problem with your humour can be fixed through fixing the writing style and concept, which are explained next.
Concept: 4 Well, this has such a lows score because it isn't much of a Howto, but more of a...well, I am not really sure. All you do is list a few things they do, and say where they live. I guess it does explain a little bit how to become one, but with a topic like this there are SO many more directions you can go with this. You should delve into how to blend in, or how to deal with their ways. Just think of different ways you can expand this article so that it increases in length, and become a more original piece of work. Do this in a neater way to, which is more of a prose problem, explained next.
Prose and formatting: 2 Alright, the reason this is so low, is because it is just a wall of text. It becomes a chore to read because of how long and boring it looks. This can be changed with pictures and breaking longer parts into sections. I am also a bit of a red link Nazi, as in, I hate them and think they make an article really ugly. Finally, lists are hardly a good idea, and this entire page is a giant list. Create a more encyclopedic format, as in, more sections instead of a giant list. Categorize your material for a neater feel.
Images: 0 There were none, a good article should have at least 3. Put some in to increase the grab of your article as well as its look. More people will read it if there are pictures to accompany, because a flat wall of text looks boring.
Miscellaneous: 4 Averaged, plus a point for first time ;)
Final Score: 16 Yikes, okay, this score is seems worse then it actually is. In fact, it is very fixable. Just use the tips on prose and concept and add a few pictures and you could really make this work. If you have any questions just ask me on my talk page. Good luck!
Reviewer: --Tagstit 01:30, 19 January 2009 (UTC)

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