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edit God's userpage

Could you please review not only the page but also the subpages. Thanks. --Pwn head Sir Xam Ralco the Mediocre 20:34, January 13, 2012 (UTC)

I'll review it! I'll be harsh, too. ~Pleb Sig-banner the magic! Dan the Hedgehog TheHappySpaceman Eclipse BANANA BATLETH 02:22, 01/15/2012
Whoops, don't think it's going to happen. Sorry. Maybe someone else could, instead. ~Pleb Sig-banner the magic! Dan the Hedgehog TheHappySpaceman Eclipse BANANA BATLETH 23:03, 01/20/2012
I've got it. Pup 11:47 02 Feb '12
Humour: 6 I have to rant quickly. I really hate giving points to reviews. It doesn't benefit the writer in any real way, except to potentially excite or deflate them. I really wish I could review without them. Rant ended, but the point is: ignore the score - it means nothing but a very vague feeling.

So, into the page(s) directly. I have said it elsewhere the issue that I have with subpage articles, but I will say it again, but maybe more detailed.

1) Subpages take time to load. A major aspect of humour is comedic timing and the speed of a page loading will interfere with that. When you have a concept that requires suspension of disbelief (ie. That not only that God exists, but that he is a part of a wiki other than conservapedia) the humour and the content have to flow quickly to work smoothly.

When I browse I am often at home. There I have a wireless router on ADSL2 connection. Loading time is usually pretty good, but it can be patchy, depending on how far I am from the router, network speeds, and server load. When I am on a train, however, like I am at the moment, I'm relying on 3G network that has sporadic coverage, and browsing on an iPhone that will occasionally throw me back into the mobile site. Loading speed is limited (as in a few minutes at times) and consistency in view is also tricky. In short, how you view the pages is not how everyone will view the pages.

2) There has to be a reason for the reader to want to go to the subpage. There has been feedback from some people on the VFH for this that they didn't get the jokes. A lot of the jokes here are hidden in the subpages, and some of those subpages are more hidden than others. While I don't dislike a Where's Wally approach to finding hidden gems, if you don't get me wanting to find them in the first few seconds of arriving at a page, then you've lost my interest in looking. In fact, if you hadn't asked for me to review the subpages as well, I probably wouldn't have looked at all. So, having said that, as an overall I'd try and incorporate as much of this into the one page as possible, unless you can convince people to click links. Games pages will encourage people to do that, as that is how people interact. God's answering service and VMSCE also encourage people to look at subpages, as interactivity is built into the set-up of the article. For a non-wiki user, there is no reason here to investigate, and even as a wiki reader with a shitty network, I'm still not relishing digging through.

Next thing I'm going to pick on is the in-jokey nature of the thing. One of the drawbacks to setting this up as a user page is that people who are unfamiliar with the nature of user pages on wikis will have difficulty getting the concept of this. Of course, this can be a launching pad to show people that there is a dark underbelly to wikis as well. In fact, some people may go as far to say that there is a hidden cabal here. There is no cabal. My preferred angle to take on this is to combine the user page, talk page and the awards page together. As a general rule the user page is the awards page on a wiki - whenever someone is given an award we generally stick it there One exception is of course whenever someone does a long and detailed review on your article through PEE review and you give them a golden shower award on their talkpage. Hint. Other options are:

1) Set this up as God's Facebook/Myspace/Twitter/whatever page. Advantage is that you can make it more accessible to non-wiki people. Disadvantage is I've already seen that a few times before, and the coding for that is difficult.

2) Set it up as several pages on the one page. It's difficult to explain how this would work, so the best thing to do is look at UnBooks:Where do babies come from? as an example. Talking to Lyrithya there may be a cleaner way to do this as well. Advantage is that is does load up all in one big blob, and flicking between the pages is fairly swift and straightforward and doesn't take time to load. Disadvantage is that is still requires your audience to want to click.

3) Have just the talkpage as the "featured" page. I would set this up so that the pages are actually under the Userspace and in the areas that you would expect them to be. Maybe using an alternate character to create a unique user name, such as User:Gοd. I'd still combine the awards page and the User page, and have the odd subpages somewhere in the userspace. Advantage is that while it's still multiple pages, the page with the most humour (my opinion) is the one at the forefront, and there is less to explore. Disadvantage is that it's still going to have many of the same issues you have at present.

So, no matter how you go ahead here there are going to be facing potential pros and cons. The in-jokiness is going to always be there to some extent (unless going through the Facebook idea) and is something that you have to try and overcome.

So, the main thing in relationship to the overcoming that is making sure that the jokes are obvious wether you are au fait with the format of the wiki or not. For the most part (other than the structure of the pages) that works. What I'd be tempted to change though is the sigs for the different "characters" in the talk page should all relate obviously to Biblical/mythological characters. There was a suggestion that the first comment should come from Adam - I definitely agree with this.

Concept: 7 Yeah - What I just said.
Prose and formatting: 7 Yeah - what I said above as well relating to structure, as well as the stuff I said on your talkpage.
Images: 8 I have nothing to add relating to the images on this. Those that are there are well chosen and captioned (where there is a caption)
Miscellaneous: 7 Nothing else to add really. I've put in everything I can think of in the starting section. This article is funny - the number of positive votes on VFH supports that. If this was moved into the one page then I'd personally be tempted to change the vote.

One last thing that I was thinking about was just a quick sight gag that I had in mind. Similar to what was done with tropical cyclone in the way it all works.

Imagine going to the page and the screen is entirely black. It hangs there for a few seconds and then the words "Let there be light" pop up in the centre of the screen for a second, and then the article itself pops up.

Just a thought.

Final Score: 35 Sorry if the format here is wonky. Odd editing problems.
Reviewer: Pup 07:55 03 Feb '12
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