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edit Gerard Way

FairyGarland 07:35, 22 April 2008 (UTC)

Humour: 8 There are some real gems in here, as follows:


  • "He dumped a Noble Gas because it wasn't reactive enough." Hilarious.
  • "Oh sorry, maybe you had actually intended to search this article and are reading this therefore wasting your precious time." - Nice parody on Wikipedia's often ridiculous attempts to get you to an obscure article you probably weren't looking for.
  • "He was caught in the lab the day after singing I don't love you like I did yesterday to the silver nitrate, completely ignoring of the dumbfounded science teachers crowded around him." - beautiful image, there.
  • The concept that MCR's songs are all educational. I literally LOL'ed at the concept that "I'm not okay/ I'm not okay/ I'm not okay/ You wear me out" was about isotope decay. Awesome.
  • The paternity test of Hydrofluorard. Nice.
  • The "facial expressions" section. So, so pointless. So, so funny.


  • "born exposed to dangerous amounts of Agent Orange resulting in a birth defect making him sexually attracted to chemicals." - this just isn't how I'd want to set up his "Chemical Romance." I mean, it's romance. Let's at least start there before moving on to sex.
  • The necrophiliac inmates assault a pedophile bit - what?? You're just way off topic, and it sound pretty puerile.
  • This article references kitten huffing. Kill that shit with fire. I don't know who thinks that's funny anymore.


  • The whole "Assault by Crazed Fan" section. It reads almost like a homophobic screed and contains very few actual jokes. The bit about a "razor" being found on him, and that being a damning piece of evidence, was funny, though. Actually, it might be funny if the entire section was about police who reach far too aggressive conclusions based on slim-to-no evidence. For example, instead of "The Advocate" proving that he was gay, you might try "People" or "Entertainment Weekly." Just a thought.
  • You spend a lot of time talking about elements instead of chemicals. Instead of dumping Neon for Aluminum, why isn't he dumping, say, naphthalene for carbon tetrochloride? (But keep that noble gas/ reactive pun in there, that's gold).
Concept: 10 The whole idea that "My Chemical Romance" is not about drug use but about an actual romantic inclination toward chemicals in general - any chemicals - is a great concept, and you come pretty close to pulling it off.
Prose and formatting: 5 This article desperately needs copyediting. Case in point: your lede is one sentence. Now, class, can you tell me what's wrong with this sentence?
  • "Gerard Way (pronounced: Gee-rard-Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay) is the lead singer of the hard rock/ pop/punk/emo/hardcore/country/classical/jazz/alternative rock/hard-to-classify-the-genre-of band My Chemical Romance as well as a famous suitor of chemicals (like the ones on the Periodic Table), apparently he dumped a Noble Gas because it wasn't reactive enough during the course of their intimate relationship."
Images: 8 Pretty good. Basically, just adequate, except the aforementioned "Facial Expressions," which were really pretty hilarious. I love the caption on the first picture. Drawback: "The Cock Up My Ass Was This Big" picture was kind of juvenile. The idea could work, but with a subtler caption ("cock up my ass" is not the height of subtlety.)
Miscellaneous: 7.8 averaged
Final Score: 38.8 This is like 90% of the way there. It's pretty consistent, it's pretty funny, it's pretty damn good.
Reviewer: Hyperbole 22:10, 3 May 2008 (UTC)
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