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edit Ex-Lax

Need this one pissed on. Thanx. 06:42, 6 May 2008 (UTC)

HYPERBOLE, DUDE, CALM DOWN!!! Let's not bite the newcomers!!   Le Cejak <May 07, 2008 [11:58]>
Humour: 1 This is the first "1" I've ever given, but, come on, this is funny to no one. Just so everyone knows I read this article, let's do this section-by-section.
  • Opening commercial - score: 1. This is in no way a parody of a commercial. The entire joke here is that the word "n00b" is funny and that, were n00bs to poop excessively, that would be funny. Sadly, both those premises are wrong. Also, I'm not sure what a commercial is doing above the lede - that pretty much kills any chance that this is a parody of an encyclopedia article. (i.e., that this is something that belongs on Uncyclopedia).
  • Lede - score:1.5. Chuck Noris jokes, while quite droll for several days in 2004, have now reached a level where they suck the funny out of even the most otherwise hilarious joke. Nothing else here even intends to be funny. I added a +.5 for the fact that I found it amusing that the article didn't even attempt to explain why the n00bs in question would eat laxatives marked with a skull and crossbones.
  • Ingredients, side effects, and caution: 0.5. This is just a repeat of the joke in the opening - that "n00b" is funny no matter how many times it's repeated in the same article. -.5 for adding more tired non-jokes: grues and Jimbo Wales.
Concept: 0 This collection of words has no concept. I can't even call it an article: it starts with a commercial, moves to something resembling a lede, transitions to something that might be written on the side of a box of pills, mentions several old memes, and ends.
Prose and formatting: 2 Most of your words are spelled correctly. However, there are no section breaks; there are sloppy whitespace gaps and no excuse for them to be there; usage errors abound; words like "narrator" or "boobs" are capitalized for no apparent reason. It's a mess.
Images: 1.5 There are no images here, so I averaged the other scores. (As it turns out, I averaged them wrong, but I'll let the score stand).
Miscellaneous: 0 This is exactly the kind of article that ED readers link to, in order to demonstrate that Uncyclopedians have no sense of humor. A good synopsis of this article would be "lol lol n00bs Chuck Norris farts boobs lol!!"
Final Score: 4.5 ICU. Stat.
Reviewer: Hyperbole 20:20, 6 May 2008 (UTC)
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