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edit Eden Hazard

CDPCCNAC (talk) 11:58, November 27, 2012 (UTC)

Humour: 5 Is this meant to be a satire of a football player? Who is Eden Hazard anyway? Lack of info=Lack of humour.
Concept: 6 Yet again. Poor amount of info. Seems very random. Very self-orientated. Read the welcome page on how to write an article because it mentions not to use the term "I" in it. Its meant to be encyclopedic (or uncyclopedic).
Prose and formatting: 5 Same again. Don't use "I." Not too entertaining. The starting sentence is very aggressive and if you had the courage to be that aggressive to the reader then at least write something good.
Images: 7 Good images. Use those types of images again.
Miscellaneous: 5.8 Average Score
Final Score: 28.8 If I have misunderstood this and it is actually a satirical piece against a Godly figure or a football player then I think it has potential but needs a lot of brushing up.
Reviewer: ScottPat (talk) 18:42, April 4, 2013 (UTC)
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