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edit Dungeons & Dragons: Real Life Edition: Overview

OK, so, this is the overview section I was told to write. The links to the other two articles are at the bottom. I'm planning two more articles in this series, to the tune of the empty sections in this article. And I know there's no main picture yet, I'm having my friend work on something in shop for me; hopefully she'll have it for me soon. And, yeah, basically just keep everything I just said in consideration when you review this, I guess. —Sir Guildensternenstein 19:27, 8 April 2009 (UTC)

Humour: 5.5 I'm sorry, but I didn't find your article very funny. The intro was probably the funniest part, followed by abilities. The problem is, much of the article is bland. There aren't any gags that jump out.
Concept: 7.5 I like the idea of D&D in real life, but it needs a little development. Use it to think of ridiculous situations or put a ridiculous spin on real life. As it is, you're just explaining real life in terms of rolling a die and that is kind of boring.
Prose and formatting: 7 It's kind of listy. However, it has a consistent presentation, so that's good. Try to add some more content to the sections to make it less listy.
Images: 6 Your images are kind of boring. I don't even get the second and third images. The first image is just a picture of a die. The fourth image, however is kind of funny.
Miscellaneous: 6.5 Averaged.
Final Score: 32.5 Just needs development. Use more paragraphs instead of one-liners. Subtlety doesn't seem to be working for you, try to be a bit more out there. A lot of the writing seems to be repeating the titles. You do better when the writing is more expansive.
Reviewer: User:Aethix/sig02:14, 18 April 2009 (UTC)
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