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edit User:Tgmagee186/Curryanity

This review was requested oddly. From the history of the page:

(cur | prev)  15:10, February 6, 2012 Tgmagee186 (talk | contribs) (3,043 bytes)
(please review curryanity religion to make it better)

So go for it. Pup 12:24 05 Mar '12

Humour: 4.5 Okay, I'm going to say this bit straight away, despite the fact that concept is down below and that's probably more appropriate for there, but screw it. I'm not convinced that this is not a vanity piece. (As in it's about you, or something that only you and a few others are into.)

I've gone through the tests at UN:CM, and this is what I've come up with:

  • Codeine's mum wasn't around to ask. I asked my mum and she hadn't heard of it though.
  • Is it funny? - I'll come back to that.
  • It has a fair number of Google hits, but in the first 20 pages or so, there's about an even split between the facebook page "church of curryanity" and something about an ice hockey player. That is ignoring the number of pages that refer back to Uncyclopedia. One of those links even took me to Uncyclopedia:At A Glance.
  • Wikipedia hasn't heard of it
  • I haven't bothered to ask any admins - someone can tell me if I'm wrong, but I doubt they have heard of it.
  • And now we come back to if it's funny.

Okay, we have a guide that we use a thing around here called How to be funny and not just stupid, or UN:How you might go about writing something that is funny, rather than writing something that is stupid, which would of course in no way imply that you are stupid, although if you are, we mean no offense.

So, starting with Part 2:

he hijacked a time machine and established his religion 365 million years ago. The first Currians were alligators. the rest of the dinosaurs were Jews, Christians, and muslims wich is why they all suffered such a horrible fate.

could easily be so much more.

Let's look at it another way. Tim curry has played the lord of darkness, an alien transvestite, and a freaky clown. Any one of these characters can be - and has been - the basis of a religion like Satanism, Raelism, and Christianity.

Half of the humour here works in that vein. This is problematic, and to get this to a feature able standard it would require significant work.

Concept: 6.5 Okay, so now I've gone through the cons, let's pay some attention to the pros.

Rocky Horror is a movie that has developed a following like no other movie I can think of, with the possible exception of the Blues Brothers. I found a quote on yahoo answers that actually relates quite well to this.

It turned out to be a participatory experience, somewhat like going to church, only the sermon was the same every night. You might go once a week and know what was going on, or go once a year and not remember what was coming next. It could be a fun "church" where a bunch of people were there and everyone committed to the celebration, or you could show up on a night where maybe you and 5 other people or possibly no other people were there, and, well, you could imagine how that might be different. I'm saying this as someone who grew up going to regular church, different churches, too, I might add, so that's why I make the reference.

Tim Curry has played roles in a number of films like this. Clue also has a strong fan following. It also has a more participatory aspect in that it has a game related to it as well.

So there is a strong thread that can be used to tie in the reality (ie Tim Curry's body of work) into a religious belief system. Gathering these different aspects together and giving them a sense of potential truth will allow you to make a fantastic article without resorting to just throwing random stupid in there.

If I were to do this I would be putting a lot of the attention on Rocky Horror, as it is, in many ways, his signature role. He also played a significant role in The colour of magic, which was pratchetts big breakaway novel.

Get as much pseudo-religious stuff together that you can based upon the actor and the roles he has played. From there you can create a pastiche of a religion with a believable concept. And with that element of believability comes your funny.

Prose and formatting: 4 I couldn't give much of a score here, as the article is riddled with spelling mistakes and gramattical errors, and beyond a consistent use of level 2 headers, there isn't much in the way of formatting going on.
Images: 3 There are no images, so I can't score for this at all. However, there are no bad images, so it's a below average but not terrible score.
Miscellaneous: 4 There is a kernel of a really good idea here. I think it's too obscure to give it anything less than complete attention though. Read through HTBFANJS and also have a look at Big Butte Creek. Go through the history of this one and see where I started it thought wise and how it developed.

I'd also suggest reading the Wikipedia entry on Raëlism. I get the feeling that stuff from there will help you build on what you have here. Crossing concepts (like Tim Curry and Raëlism) can give some fantastic results, like crossing the Catholic tradition of the Stations of the Cross and Thomas the tank engine created Isaac The Tank Engine.

Final Score: 22 Good luck, and talk to me on my talk page if you need any other advice.
Reviewer: Pup 11:35 07 Mar '12
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