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edit Classical Satire

In depth, please. That's how I love it.

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edit Reviewer details:

A little bit about the reviewer before we start.

Most people here know me. Some individuals have gone as far as to say that Andy Warhol can suck my dick.

edit Prose and Formatting:

How good does it look and how well does it read? 8

The pompous and overly loquacious perspective on an well documented and yet oft misunderstood topic leads one to deliberate - nay, ruminate - on the use of the English language, or at least the English language as spoken by educated gentleman, not the homogeneous diatribe of the youth of today, and the superabundance of superlative phraseology to come to a topical distillate that definitively conveys the optimal understanding in the eye of the beholder - while of course keeping in mind the maxim that in the act of observation that which is being observed behaves in a manner unlike it's natural nature, and thusly the full comprehension of the reader of the originating mental processes that developed said documentation is never exact due to this misunderestimated theorem - and therefore become o'er wieldy - or even unwieldy, if the definitive concept of the word being that which is manageable, as we are discussing the inability to manage to extrude definitive definition of that which is being defined - nay, discussed - and it is this unmanageable state that develops not just from the inability of the reader to ever fully understand the mind of the scribe - which is of course the curse of the scribe - but also from the fluidity of a language where mathematical precision cannot be placed on the general parlance of the day as language is in constant flux - and the precision in which the polysyllabic nature of the author's style brings forth a feeling of ennui in the reader, that is thusly backed up by feelings of inadequacy, that leads the unedcated observer to feel floccinaucinihilipilification when faced with the mental prowess of an undoubtedly gigantic intellect, in whom properties of comprehensibility are o'er shadowed by the enormity of the topic in hand.

edit Concept

How good an idea is behind the article? 8

The ironical element of an article relating to the use of satire in a medium that is saturated with satirical content is to be applauded - vigorously - and lamented at the same time due to the inherent nature of the medium thwarting a fuller understanding of the concept at hand, and yet - aye, there's the rub - the withdrawal of humorous elements from a topic that has inherited humour potentially creates a frisson of excitement behind the outwardly humourless humour that is nevertheless riddled with moments of mirth and hilarity that cause one to chuckle, guffaw, and at time one finds oneself rolling on the floor and laughing so loudly that one's posterior feels as though it is literally going to detach itself from one's body, and in doing so it will then take on an existence that is separate from the individual, so the one finds oneself posteriorless yet having a new acquaintance that has a remarkable familiarity about it yet is difficult to locate with the aid of both hands - albeit done in such a manner of droll speech and dry wit that the Saharan plains look like the Amazonian climate in comparative analysis - of which the comparison between this work and the works of major wordsmiths is invariably drawn and cannot be denied - for without the precursory wit of men like Twain, Shakespeare and Allen Jones - and of course the scriptwriters of that major tome of work upon which all modern humour is based - and yes, of course I am discussing the complete works of Are you being served and the plethora of double entendres - often resembling extremely single minded entendres that lead the casual observer, of which there would be but a few of this text, to imagine the poor lass - or rather lady, given the advancing age of Mrs Slocombe herself - with an extremely moist mound of Venus, or at other times rubbing concoctions of ointments and salves into the aforementioned labial protuberances of said aged lady, which would then lead the aforementioned observer to feel an undoubtedly nauseas feelings of guilt and remorse at objectifying this poor elderly lady and ceasing to see her as a complex and extremely three-dimensional character portrayed with such wit and ferocity that all theatrical entertainment henceforth is but a mere shadow of a whisper upon the wind when compared to the Herculean mental agility that brought forth this multifaceted creation.

edit Humour

How funny is it? Why is it funny? How can it be funnier? 8

And thusly we come to a natural and completely expected segue into the meat of the matter - in this case the humorous aspect of the humourless delivery of a humorous topic that has had the humour forcibly extracted and yet with a subtlety that puts the works of artisans such as Enid Blyton to shame - and who can forget the moments of mirth in the famous five novels when Dick ejaculated to the disgruntlement of a disenchanted Fanny - in which the milk - if the highly developed high-brow nature of this textual conceptualisation of a mirth creating phenomenon - or more rightly, phenomena if we are to consider that satirical wit is not just a single concept but rather is a cross-cultural plethora of concepts - the milk of the concept lies, which of course then by pure extraction this defines the meat of the matter being the humorous nature of the humourlessness of the over-intellectualised understanding - or misunderstanding - of the nature of an elemental psychological reflexive action that is the expulsion of humorous sounds that is categorised as laughter - a psychological reactive impulse that as of yet does not seem to fit in with the Darwinian concepts of evolutionary development for in what place would the uncontrollable ejaculation of merriment aid the hunter - or the gatherer, for that matter - when working in an inhospitable environment - an argument which has been the crux of many a debate regarding the nature of the creation of the human race - or more distinctly, the creation of the human psyche - in which a lack of full understanding of the nature of humanity leads us to areas of contention and confusion - which while creating and atmosphere where comprehension and comprehensibility in the nature of what is inherently human - or anthropomorphic understanding of other species, such as the kookaburra and the hyena as two very fitting examples - and it is in this parallel between the known and unknown - the eternal conflict between the id, ego and superego - that is the generative kernel - or rather the germination or cross pollination of the seeds of laughter - from which the flower of humour, and subsequently the all too human reaction of laughter, is built on a strong and solid foundation of incomprehensibility that makes the reader unaware of the underlying irony of the matter that is satire - or in this case, the meat of the conceptual understanding of the phenomena that is classic satirical wit across the boundaries of recorded history - even to the point where many, if not all, religious texts can be more thoroughly enjoyed and understood if read in a tone that is satirical - even derisive - in metre and tone.

edit Images

How are the images? Are they relevant, with good quality and formatting? 7

A visual tableau of spectacular imagery that makes an individual shake his or her head in wonderment and surprise - this would be a fitting description for the whole of the article, and as such any further elaboration or elongation of this aspect of this review of this masterfully crafted piece of anti-satire would be superfluous and redundant - and yet the muse in one makes one wish to delve longingly into the depths of the English language for adjectives that have not yet been created to fully encapsulate the beauty and wonderment that one sees when staring into the face of the incomprehensible blackness that is infinity - and as the muse is the controller of the creator, observations of the ilk of the juxtaposition of the name of Satre - an individual who also makes more sense when reviewed satirically - and the topic of satire - or in this case classical satire as a distinct entity from modern satire - brings forth feelings of amusement and jollity that set the individual into a state of altered consciousness that is only further imbued by the imagery of classical philosophers looking rather distinctly like Kris Kringle - or in a more modern aspect that of Santa Claus in the red and white garb that has become a quintessential part of the image of St Nicholas as perceived by a child since the introduction of it by the Coca-cola company in the latter part of the previous millennia - followed by what can only be described as a nihilistic image of the judicial system and the skeletal remains of an individual which lead one to feel that any judgement of the topic will leave one feeling lifeless and void until one eyes the image from the classic Orwellian nightmare - 1984 - that has become so entrenched in today's society that tele-visual shows such as Big Brother have become de rigueur even to those unenlightened individuals who have never even grasped the reality of the existence of the world forming tome, let alone ever having cracked the spine lovingly of a paperback copy published by penguin books as the reader searches for sanity and understanding of the modern world and all it's foibles and failings - an image which of course makes one realise that the concept of satire is not just a desired thing in today's consumer driven society - it has become a survival instinct when faced with the bombardment of bacchanalian imagery that leads one to respond to the urges of the id without fully engaging the self-censoring nature of the super-ego - and thus the individual in today's society is the nightmarish vision of hell that our puritanical forefathers fled from to create a colony in the Americas - and it is this sensation that carries us forward into the absurdity that is the stills from the animated images that are created by the multitudinous stills that make up the Monty Python movies, bringing us to a raving crescendo of satirical mirth before gently leading us into the visual denouement that is a juxtaposition of what can only be described as a facial phallus that is done in the style of a child - leading us back to a feeling of wonderment and confusion that is a childlike understanding of the universe - which is of course the ideal position for a scholar to be in and as such leads the inevitable curious scholar in us to return to the origin of this tsunami of mirth that has raised us to a higher and yet more innocent plane of understanding.

edit Miscellaneous

The article's overall quality - that indefinable something. 8

Okay, I'll be serious for a moment now.

I can't find anything really to fault this article on. The concept leads to the writing style and it is executed extremely well. The major criticisms that I've read so far are more along the lines of I don't get it, so therefore it's not funny, which given that humour is relative is a valid objection. Having said that this is now about to cross the line to being a featured article from everything that I can see, and it well deserves it.

The humour is quite dry in some areas and in others it is so blatant that is smacks you in the face like a plank of wood. There are a couple of lulls along the way, and a bit of confusion due to the mix and match nature of the time line, but nothing that could be considered badly done.

The images are straight forward and given that this is a very abstract concept the inclusion of images that are relating to the topic is extremely well done, and the captions work on all of them.

I laughed out loud on this one several times. Very witty, very clever. The only downfall is that it is not going to be a readily accessible humour, and as such the majority of the uncyclopedian audience will miss the point.

And as a result of the first few sections of this review I feel like I should be writing a fucking PhD at the moment.

edit Final score

Final Score

edit Summary

An overall summation of the article.


This was a PEE review by Pup
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