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edit Charles Mingus

uhhhhhh ummmmmmm i guess this is an article about charles mingus, then? REVIEW IT K


Humour: 7 Good slapstick-style humor with seemingly a biographical edge (I am a jazz fan, but know little of Mingus' real bio); that is to say, your fictional portrayal is believably written. The person who wrote this seems to be a jazz fan.
Concept: 10 The idea of writing a parody bio of Mingus is not something everyone would do, and so you score mucho points for the choice of a challenging topic.
Prose and formatting: 10 You score points for prose and length. It is highly readable.
Images: 8 Although, what could you have placed in Uncyclopedia other than unflattering black-and-white photos of Mingus?
Miscellaneous: 8 The addition of an info box could be a nice touch if you can manage it. (to go with the Wikipedia info box)
Final Score: 43 Seems like a great article.
Reviewer: Phrank Psinatra
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