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edit Charles J. Guiteau

Hey, I just wrote up the article for Charles J. Guiteau. He's sort of an obscure figure, so for those who don't know, he was the assassin of President Garfield. Of course the article tells the story much more differently. Tell me what you think. The writing doesn't have many direct jokes, so the humor sort of relies on knowing the actual history of what happened. And I think a couple more pictures could be useful as well.--Sultanofsurreal 10:56, 26 January 2009 (UTC)

wow this was really well written. just a few critiques...

first off i do not understand the caption stating crazy eyes... also u should talk about his personal life!

Yay, my first chance to review something!

Humour: 2.5 The entire article just wasn't funny. Was it serious? Sure, but not truly enjoyable.
Concept: 5 The concept was fine. I don't see why to add it, but sure, it's fine.
Prose and formatting: 9.5 Almost no problems in spelling, but there are quite a few unnecessary red links.
Images: 4 You get a four for trying. The images were just too bland.
Miscellaneous: 6 So far, the article is ready for Wikipedia. But, since this is Uncyclopedia, and is quite better, you're going to have to add more humour, delete the red links, and add some newer, more exciting images.
Final Score: 27 Just try to increase the glamour of the article. With a little work, it's easy to turn a bland article like this one into a high quality piece of silliness.
Reviewer: --Meganew (POST NOW!!!) 16:57, 27 January 2009 (UTC)
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