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edit Carry On Film

Hello, please review this article and I will express my gratitude via the medium of Morris Dancing.--OliverKnight 19:19, 7 December 2007 (UTC)

Humour: 7 Quite funny, but not what I would call laugh out loud funny. It's more "clever" rather than rolling around laughing funny... I like the idea of "Sid James" (played by Sid james) etc that's good., RE the Barbara Windsor name thing... Did the royal family not change their name to Windsor during the war to distance themselves from their German past? Not sure if you can use that, maybe that was the intention and I missed it...

Surely we need a reference to Confessions of a Window Cleaner or Confessions of a Driving Instructor there are a few of em in the series, and they are along the same lines. How about making up silly names for some of the other carry on films? Carry on up the passage (up the carry on up the khyber), filmed in a toilet... Carry On Cruising filmed in a gay bar? Carry On Spaceman filmed where everyone was stoned?

Any other references to British sex farce would be good. I can't think of many more cos, well, I would never watch that sort of thing... (honest) I'm Free??? Maybe Mr Peecock should make an entrance? I think you can have some fun here by mixing up a few made up names with some genuine ones, this could work well in that people not familiar with the genre would know know which were real, and which were made up. How about a range of self inflating head rests sponsored by Miss Windsor?

Concept: 8 It's basically a good idea, but not what I would call super super original. There is some room for expansion here and there perhaps if you branch out into other films perhaps.
Prose and formatting: 7 I think the general writing style is good, and fits well with the material. It does get rather list like later on... The trivia section could benefit from being made into bullet points maybe rather than a plain list, and maybe the other one as well. I'm not actually sure that using lists like this is a good idea at all... Perhaps expand them into full sentences?

I also think it's a bit short of links. Considering that the whole carry on series was based on puns, I think that almost all of your links should be slapstick style puns which do not link to the actual thing, but subtle sexual references etc... If you choose to do this with the links I think it would add a new dimension to the article. I'm going to slaughter you for the pictures in the next section...

Images: 0 Um, OK. I'm being harsh on you here, but what else can I score ya? You don't have any pictures at all! Come on, there must be some good ones out there! Anything which allows you to use a little bit of double entendre in the caption has to be good. You don't even have a picture of Barbara Windsor tits! COME ON MAN!
Miscellaneous: 7.3 Averaged. (I took pity on you and did not average the images score into it)
Final Score: 29.3 Generally, I enjoyed reading this. It's got a few clever ideas in it but is just a little bit short on really great jokes. Considering the subject matter I don't think your giving it the justice it deserves. As your aware I expect only us Brits are really going to appreciate this, so anything which you could do to make it more accessible to them over there has got to be a good idea.

Maybe it also needs to be a bit longer, and defiantly tidied up here and there and ADD SOME PICTURES!!!...

Reviewer: MrN Icons-flag-gb HalIcon.png WhoreMrn.png Fork you! 12:57, Dec 10
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