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edit Carl Edwards

Carl Edwards is the driver of the #99 Ford in NASCAR. I want to see how good this page is and what I can change to make it better.

Kurgan 19:12, 17 March 2008 (UTC)

Humour: 2 There's a little bit of humour in there, but mostly this seems like unfunny list after unfunny list after unfunny list of quotes. There's too much cliché in this article, as well as several unfunny, dead memes that us regulars really want to get rid of in Uncyc. Once you strip away all this unfunniness, there's not much besides the first paragraph left, consequently, that's the best part of the article by far. What you need is something that's almost lifelike, but slightly different; also, something related to the #99 could be in order, maybe one subheading or something.
Concept: 3 Meh. Like I say, comparing a man/woman/animal/plant/Uncyclopedian to some all-conquering meme you've heard of isn't really a good concept. At all. Since, you've done this for around half of the article, I'm forced to mark you down heavily here. For improvement, try taking what the guy is like in real life, and just twist/extremise that a lot for your humour.
Prose and formatting: 4 ...This is an extension to the list/excess quotes comment above. Such content is not "prose", and as such isn't really article like, so it makes your above prose (which is OK, a couple of spelling mistakes) seem worse. You also need to nuke some of the red links, that gets irritating quickly. Your formatting is decent, as is your grammar.
Images: 3 The worst part of this article, I feel. None of them are funny, none of them add anything to the article and at leat two of them are meme-like (the explosion for the C.Edwards is Chuck Norris angle, and the Star Wars/Angry German Kid .gif for...well, being that .gif, which is one of the most overused on Uncyc.). What this needs is a good quality, descriptive picture of the guy himself with a witty caption more than just about any other improvements except de-listing.
Miscellaneous: 3 n/a
Final Score: 15 Right now, this is a fair bit below average. However, if you add good quality images, get rid of the lists, nuke the memes, and add a couple of humourous sections you'll have a good article. Good luck!
Reviewer: –—Hv (talk) 20/03 19:57
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