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edit Bruce Lee

Iamhungey 22:07, 14 March 2008 (UTC)

Humour: 3 I'll give a 3 largely due to having a nice amount of useful ideas. The least I can say is that you need to throw away one half, and work more on the other half. First off, I am easily turned off by pages which start with more than two or three quotes, and your quotes section looks like a massive dropping area for leftovers you couldn't fit anywhere in your text. Quotes should be comic one-liners, not dialogue for a comedy. Alright, on to the text now. When I had read through the two or three first paragraphs, all I seemed to know was "Alright, you like Bruce Lee", and so I assumed that paragraph four and five would also keep telling me how much you like Bruce Lee, and since that didn't interest me, I just would have wanted to skip the monotonous experience. It feels like you say the same thing in about thousand different ways. There's something impressive about that, but nothing funny really. Dude, this guy doesn't even seem human! But hopefully we'll make him one. I would love to see an article where Bruce discovers all his amazing abilities by accident. Bruce Lee was a normal blue-collar worker who accidentally discovered the powers of God. Bruce popped a pimple and suddenly an universe was created out of it. Bruce swatted flies and suddenly discovered Kung Fu. Establish something like this, and after that the line "Bruce had such absolutely perfect muscle control that he could shake hands with one person, while ripping off the hand of another person" will not be the only one which cracked me up. Bruce learnt to hitch outside of a space vehicle when he accidentally pushed the wrong button and got thrown on the outside. Finally, drop ALL of the namedropping if possible. Van Damme, Stallone, Metallica - kill em all!
Concept: 7 You obviously have dedicated much time to Bruce Lee. With the countless abilities you mention Bruce as possessing, this article has great potential. Let's see if you can to dedicate even more time to us, the readers.
Prose and formatting: 8 The prose is superb, and I hope it gets even better once you have rewritten the majority of the text.
Images: 3 The pictures just indicate more worship. If I was worshipping this guy right now, I'd go to wikipedia or watch his movies instead.
Miscellaneous: 5 Averaged
Final Score: 26 You certainly have used your imagination to come up with all the abilities he has, but imagination alone doesn't carry me through the article. I feel there is no story line here whatsoever, but just a long list of things which Bruce Lee can do. Stop thinking about what abilities he has right there, and concentrate on how he has to deal with his abilities. Go with the information from his biography.
Reviewer: Rascal
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