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edit Boredom

Humour: 5 There is funny here but it gets lost. Cut out the memes in-jokes and random humour. The funniest bits are when you engage with the topic itself, rather that talking about Ashlee Simpson et al. What i mean is stuff like this:

This is to avoid my homework this is sad. But as for a boredom philosophical debate: is almost everything we do in life just to avoid boredom? Is boredom close to the bottom of the pit in terms of negative human emotions? Can one spiral way, way down from too much boredom? And if so, is all this suppression of boredom healthy? Can boredom ever be avoided? In whatever situation, it seems as if boredom is inescapable, with the drone of other people's voices and your own getting very tiresome and even boring, as one would say. Maybe even philosophy and math and science and art came out of the boredom that we frequently experience. If so, is boredom a must for us, even with its link to negativity? They say that life is not always a basket of roses. But will it always be so BORING?

Concept: 7 I feel you are not using the concept to the full.
Prose and formatting: 3 Prose is poor. Some sentences don't start with capital letters (and not just the ones that are meant to). I'd fix it but it would be too boring (see what I did there?)
Images: 0 No images. It needs something. A guy asleep on his keyboard...anything
Miscellaneous: 5 Too long and too listey. Lists are, in general, less funny. As a general rule If it can't be incorperated into a paragraph then it's not worth including.
Final Score: 20 Don't take this the wrong way. There is funny stuff in here: I just think constructive criticism is what you need.
Reviewer: -- Nobel prize-winning Ape (throw) (Riot Porn) 21:47, 10 November 2007 (UTC)
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