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edit Beecroft

Humour: 5 This article isn't really all that funny to me at all, at first it's just the wikipedia article, and after that it goes off on a few different tangents that maybe have potential to be funny, but still needs work. Maybe it's an Australian inside joke that I don't get or something, but I definitely don't see any 'bust your gut' jokes here.
Concept: 7 I can't see anything wrong with having an article on Beecroft, and in it's current state is still better than some articles on Uncyclopedia. I'd really like to see the beginning changed so it's not copied right off of the wikipedia article, though.
Prose and formatting: 6 This article is fairly readable, with some minor spelling and grammatical mistakes. I added the {{proofread}} template to your article, so someone should get around to helping you fix it up. Some of the longer paragraphs seem to drag on a little, it would be nice to see them broken up a little bit to help the flow. Wait, is that right? Also, keep adding more links throughout the body text,
Images: 6 The only picture that I really liked was the 'Typical Beecroft Girl' one, it kinda got a chuckle out of me. The other pictures aren't nearly as funny, and are almost too small to really contibute anything. I think keeping and enlarging the first picture and the 'ransom' picture would be appropriate, and then get rid of the other two that don't really add much to your article.
Miscellaneous: 5.5 Not really all bad, there's a lot of potential in this article, I think. I like how the list was kept short, I know it's easy to just make lists, but there's a lot of article here to back it up. I don't really know who any of the notable people are (except Osama), but I'm assuming that they are celebrities of some calibre in Australia, and that if I lived there, I might know who they are.

This article definitely needs some more links throughout the body of the text, not just the introduction. That is one of the fundamental principles of wikitext, and without them, this article seems sort of "dead".

Final Score: 29.5 This is not a bad article, but still needs some work. I see you've been working on it quite a bit so far, and that's good. Try to make the article appeal to everyone, not just people from (or around) Beecroft by making it a little more readable and a lot funnier.
Reviewer: SmallbeerSpillin DylanSmallbeerTALKSmallbeerEDITSSmallbeer220:07, Dec 23
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