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edit BBC

I've tried to capture the BBC with this and keep a good level of focus on the topic, it failed VFH, but I'd like to have another shot with this one, I'm looking for an honest opinion, and any ideas on how to improve the article. Thanks:) — Sir Sycamore (talk) 16:04, 8 October 2008 (UTC)

Humour: 9 You need a bloody big net if you're attempting to capture the BBC. Oh all right, a -2 for that "gag". But let's move onto your good self. Yep another mildly humourous offering from Sycamore (Well, I did give you a 9! You want praise as well??) Seriously? Very funny. Of course, it will Whoosh! completely over the heads of Johnny Foreigner, but so what? I love the 'early days' angle of the Beeb - it's almost comforting. There's a couple of ideas I want to throw your way - I'm always reluctant to just dive in and change an article someone's written. I know that's not exactly in the spirit of 'Anyone can edit', but it's just the way I'm built: You could add another laugh, by renaming 3.1 Kikes, Dykes & Bikes. (You have heard the rumour of how Natasha Kaplinsky may or may not have got that job on Breakfast tv?)

I love the comparisions to Russia and the dictatorial BBC. Great stuff.

You could expand the Radio Times section by Stalinising it up a bit more. Howabout if people were forced by law to buy the RT (like the f**king licence!) And anyone found to be buying another title ("Other Listings magazines aren't available") would be tracked and hunted down by Radio Times detector vans. Any anti-RTers will be strung up- Mussolini-style and spat on.

Perhaps add a bit more on how marvellous the BBC think they are ... Comic Relief, Children In Need, etc) Just ideas for the mix. Maybe a few old time radio shows (which in 2008 aren't really as funny as they seemed 50 years ago) Then you've got the marvellous EastEnders (insert sarcastic tone here)

Concept: 8 Never really understood the concept element. But I'll throw in an 8 just to bring a little balance to the world. The 'concept' is an alt universe of the real nasty-always-rejectin'-me-scripts BBC. It works fine, that's all that matters.
Prose and formatting: 10 Come on!
Images: 7 Great pics, harking back to a bygone age ... A couple of modern ones might help. Ooh - howabout a spoof front page of the RT? And get Terry Wogan in there somewhere. Just for the sheer hell of it.
Miscellaneous: 8.5 Overall, excellent. What more do you want from me???
Final Score: 42.5 I think expansion is needed. Given that the BBC is a massive dictatorship, more powerful than any Eastern European country, perhaps a larger article might do it more justice. This will certainly be 'Front Page' material eventually.
Reviewer: Geoffprickett 17:24, 8 October 2008 (UTC)
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