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edit Australian Pink Floyd

Cheers, big ears. --Black Flamingo 16:20, August 21, 2011 (UTC)

I think you've been waiting long enough. ~Sir Frosty (Talk to me!) Icons-flag-au 05:24, September 23, 2011 (UTC)
Humour: 7.5 Alright first off, its a good article, no denying that. But I can't help but feel you have and can do better than this. I mean to say its a good idea but it needs some fine tuning, especially in the funny department. Since you're usually in depth with your reviews and reasonably helpful at that. I'll try and follow suit with an "in-depth review" so yeah lets get started:

Introduction - I liked the intro a lot some funny stuff with an eye catching image well done. But I'll go into some detail here and explain some of my personal views on your style of humor. I usually have a thing against stating the obvious or simply stating something that's seems a bit stupid. For example:

Wish you Were Here becomes Australian Wish you Were Here.

But I liked it in the context of the article, but might I suggest mocking Australian styles of music compared to that of British and drawing up humorous comparisons. That could work well I think.

History - This amuses me a lot. You've actually written a surprisingly high amount of content for just this one section, its as long if not longer then in some cases on wikipedia. But the question is: Is it funny? Well it is and it isn't. Some of this content is needlessly added and makes it longer than it needs to be, whilst some of it makes front page quality. Its time to sort through here, what we do and we don't need.

I'd cut this sorta stuff out:

  • Anything not relevant to the history of the group.
  • Tour information (don't can this stuff completely, but maybe create a subsection for that kind of stuff?)

Just to try and make it not too lengthy, as it doesn't really need to be.

Style - This is probably the highlight of your article. A good satire on Australian music and stuff like that. Its really funny and its a shame the rest of your article isn't as consistent as this. Try and bring everything up to this sort of quality. I am going to make a tiny little suggestion though, add some links that create humor like this sort: Cheese eating surrender monkeys. For humorous effect.

Discography - The idea of adding Australian in front of every song they've made is perhaps getting a tad bland by this point. So might I suggest you seriously search for a better or should I say different source of humor, otherwise its just gonna get boring. But I do like the image very, um, interesting. But in a good way.

Reception - This is refreshingly different to the previous section. And its funny too. But I'm a little disappointed in one aspect as this bit could really go with an image. A crowd of your stereotypical Australian fans. Swarming around them. This works as it makes fun of Australian people in a slightly exaggerated and stereotypical way, whilst also suiting the tone of the section. I really urge you to consider adding this image.

Thats my 2 cents try and take this on board and fix it up to something really funny.

Concept: 8.5 An interesting choice of subject. But you seem to be able to combine two otherwise unrelated topics into one reasonably amusing article, so I shan't complain here. The reason the concept make is down is because several themes mentioned in the humor section appear to be overused or underused, if you evened it out a bit I could award you a better score.

But aside from that you've picked a rather odd topic and made a rather good looking article. You seem to have a reasonably good idea what you're talking about. I don't ever know what I'm talking about... Oh right the review. Well done and stuff.

Prose and formatting: 8.5 Yeah some pretty good formatting here, but I have to point out a couple of minor flaws in it, so you can try and fix them up:
  • Red links. I saw a couple O: Please for the love of all things shiny, get rid of them. This should help avoid questions if you submit this to VFH.
  • Discography and reception sections. You have used a lot of good links up until that point, and suddenly you're slacking off. Please include links consistently in order to make it look pretty.

Other than that very nice. Lots of links in the article except those last two sections, well formatted images and no spelling errors that I could see. Well done.

Images: 9 I like your use of images. Very um, stereotypical in parts (being Australian myself) but I did find them largely amusing to look at and they really suited and helped out with the humor side of your article.

Aside from being good images that suit the context of your article (well mainly they do) they also appear well formatted, aligning on the left and right and the size of them is pretty good in relation to the locations of blocks of text and section breaks so I can't offer much more advice there. Except for that image that's moved the heading labelled styling, try and fix that if you possibly can and I'll award you full marks.

The captions are brief yet amusing so I think you've done well in every single aspect.

Miscellaneous: 8.6 Overall rating out of 10.
Final Score: 42.1 Feature this please I found it quite amusing personally and I cant offer a great deal of criticism, except for a few very small things that I only can see through severe OCD. Anyway, I lol'd really hard at your work. Well done!
Reviewer: ~Sir Frosty (Talk to me!) Icons-flag-au
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