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edit Anne Hathaway

Aleister AIClogo 20:40,6January2010

Humour: 8 The tone of the article is pretty funny. There are a few rough spots though. When you say "Born just outside of a log cabin in the rural forests of Fargo, North Dakota" I got stuck on the "just outside" part, which in the end seemed irrelevant to the punch line. That extra detail sidetracked me from the rest of the sentence. Also, "The bright lights, the Hollywood sign, the hand-foot-and-genital prints in the cement outside and within that Chinese Theater, who could resist this glamour?" didn't make much sense to me. I got lost on that one, not understanding the Chinese Theater part. In the topic "Hollywood beckons, and The Princess Movies," another extra detail that didn't add much for me was the ending sentence, "'What in God's name?' I thought to myself."
Concept: 7 I think you could add more content that is relevant. Was she really married to Mike Tyson? Did she really play a role as an anorexic? I found those two topics kind of sad actually, I guess because I don't think what Tyson did to women funny nor do I take anorexia as a joking matter. Using pictures of someone other than her for the anorexia - not funny. You might have Photoshopped her face onto the body, that'd be funnier. That may be just me. I'd capitalize on her Brokeback Mountain role - saying much more then what you did - "Alfred Hitchcock's gay-western thriller BigRocks Candy Mountain." That name wasn't intuitive initially to me, I'd not have guessed you were insinuating Brokeback Mtn.
Prose and formatting: 8 See the examples in Humor. Those were the rough spots.
Images: 4 The image on the top Hathaway3.jpg is irrelevant to what you are discussing and takes away from the early history portion of the page. I thought the girl tied to the tree was funny. 1054326558_ultsdamsel.jpg‎ should have been in the section "What early life?" You have the picture "Fuck you Jews" by the section dealing with her lips. Jungle Fever is in the middle of the page but is discussed in the last section. I would think you would want more relevant pictures, although I did like your choices...maybe add some photoshopped ones of her lips, and yada yada instead of having pictures of other women. That was a detractor.
Miscellaneous: 6.75 I think your page is very funny but weak on image placement and relevance, and it could use more clear references to her movies. Some were not easy to figure out.
Final Score: 33.75 The page is 75% solid. With a little more tuning up it'll be perfect.
Reviewer: F_darkbladeus 01-06-10 10:23PM
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