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edit Alberto Gonzales

I forgot about this for a few weeks, but then I read Sergei Rachmaninoff today and that provided me inspiration to take this into a completley different direction than it was before. Suggestions?--Æ 00:25, 2 February 2008 (UTC)


Humour: 6 From my viewpoint, that 6 means that, while your article was not stupid, it was not too particularly funny. The “I don’t recall” line was funny once, amusing the second time, tolerated the third time, and then I felt oddly compelled to rip the wiring out of my computer for the fourth time. The footnotes were what saved this article from a 5 (Not funny at all, and not stupid at all). My recommendation to get this up to an 8+ would be to go over HTBFANJS once again. Remember this, a joke is never as funny the second time around.
Concept: 6 Writing a biography about some guy is never too particularly easy, and there are an insane amount of biographies out there. This concept, although not unique, did give you a bit of room to play with. I want you to take another moment to think when you continue writing this article, and ask yourself, where did I begin to write like Every Other Biography?
Prose and formatting: 7 A few spelling errors were scattered around this article, and some grammatical errors to spice it up. “had ‘’too’’ accept the invitation” is one example, as was one example. Some parts also sounded a bit awkward, “run for the White House was so quick.” Just doesn’t sound right from my point of view. Read your article, out loud, to a friend who is not looking at the screen, and have him tell you what went wrong. If he has even a small education, he will catch a few errors.
Images: 7 I was glad to see that you spread your images out, and that they were relevant to the article in all situations. The images looked, for the most part, like what would be found on Wikipedia, including the one with him “When he isn’t smoking dope” The exception to my statement was definitally the picture of the audience members holding up the “I don’t recall”. Try throwing in an image of Gonzales doing something irrelevant, and throw in a funny caption.
Miscellaneous: 6.5 Averaged as per pee review guidelines
Final Score: 32.5 Your homework to fix this article is straightforward, Read HTBFANJS, take a look at a few featured bibliographies, spice up the pictures, read your article to a friend, and….. PROFIT! =D
Reviewer: Warm regards, Javascap 12:44, 14 March 2008 (UTC)
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