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edit A cat on a laptop 18:58, March 22, 2012 (UTC)

I might take this one.                               Puppy's talk page12:33 23 Mar
Humour: 5 This is not really a funny article. There are a couple of gags in here, but it's more cute than funny. 

There are a few articles on here that are considered "one-liners". By that it doesn't mean that there is only one line in them, but that there is really only one joke. A couple of examples of those that have survived are knot and a wizard did it. There are even a couple of them that have been featured, or something

However, for those couple that have been featured there are dozens of these deleted daily. QVFD even has as a guideline that an article is subject to deletion if it is a one liner. 

Even the few one-liners that have been featured have been, at one time or another, subject to deletion. "A wizard..." survived partly due to it's value as a link from other articles. "Knot" I have used a few times myself. 

This article resembles I just slam on the keyboard and magic happens in regards to the "random key press" angle. In relationship to the images - I can't think of another article that works quite the same way, although I have used similar myself in articles. 

I actually really like the cat images. They're very cute and they bring out the squee factor. That doesn't equate to a laugh, however, and as such this tend to fall short. 

Concept: 5 Here is an indication of why it doesn't work. What I've said in humour is all that I can say on the humour and concept combined. Under the misc area I'll hopefully be able to give you some more constructive advice. 
Prose and formatting: 5 It's a good use of pop-up images, but the problem with pop-up images is that they have some technical issues, as well as appearance issues. 

The first is the technique used to make images pop is JavaScript. Not everyone browsing has JS active. And even with those that have it, it doesn't always work the same way.

On iPhone, for instance, when viewing the full site, you can't scroll over. This means you have to click on the links to see the images. As the links don't look like links (ie black text), there is no reason as to why you would.

On the mobile site it uses a different style script and a different JS. I couldn't be 100% certain if it actually works at all.

Even when you have the JS active (which not everyone has) there is no reason why somebody would necessarily want to scroll over. Relying on a user to do something does have its downfalls. To get a user to do something you have to make them want to do it.

One example of this is God's answering service. This has links on the right of the page, and the left of the page have a very funky looking and cleverly designed (if I do say so myself) interface. This is what prompts people to start checking out links.

Game:Alone in the dark also prompts people to want to click on things as it mimics the interface of a game. That is tremendously complex wiki coding that has created that page. (Yes, I also created that, and I'm not being modest because that was bloody hard to do.)

Now if you are wanting to keep this as a pop-up (despite the issues I've already mentioned) then your best option is to use the {{fakelink}} to create the look of a clickable link, that keeps people on the page, and allows the best chance of work across different browsers. (If you need an example of how that would work have a look at the code doing the pop-up links on James Bevel, or ask me on my talk page and I can start tweaking your article when I'm not at work.)

Images: 7.5 The best part of the article, without a doubt. The images are all very emotive, cute and have an inherit humour when tied into the overall concept. Adding captions is not needed for these, and would be likely to detract from some of the humour involved here.

My only issue with the images is the sourcing of them. There are a number of websites out there that have odd images recurring in them, like Cute boys and puppies or Goths in trees. (Side note: I appear on one of these sites.)

If all these are from a meme-ish website it may end up looking very derivative as a joke. I haven't checked, and I'm not aware of a cat on keyboard meme. (Cats not talking in LOLCODE is just odd.)

Miscellaneous: 5.5 I'm now a little stumped. I have a feeling that I have reviewed an article for you before that was intelligently formatted, but not brilliantly written.

I've gone through a few things above here that I feel could improve the article. The problem is that the concept itself is a one-liner concept. A one-liner will always end up being a problematic concept as I mentioned above.

In short, almost every article needs to have content. A concept is a good thing, but without content to support it it's like the diference between a teaspoon of water and a swimming pool.

Final Score: 28 Grab me if you have any questions on my talkpage.
Reviewer:                               Puppy's talk page02:36 23 Mar
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