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edit A-Rod's 0-for-4

Well, it's my 4th effort and I think it's quite good. How about you? Fist of Judgement 01:54, 27 March 2008 (UTC)

A-Rod's 0-for-4
is being reviewed by
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And Whatever Else Comes Out Of Him

Now that the que is empty, we jump all over new pee review requests. ...like starving animals   Le Cejak <-> Mar 27 (09:06)

I STRONGLY suggest that you press that tab at the top of A-Rod's 0-for-4 that says "move" and move it to simply A-Rod so people can just type in A-Rod and go to your article.   Le Cejak <-> Mar 27 (09:24)
Humour: 5.7 Oh, baseball? I don't know much about baseball except that a ball is included during play. Well, you have to take your readers as they come, I suppose (in other words, you can't choose your readers). Don't be surprised if I don't get it, though... and don't be mad at me! Anyway, avg of all sections...
  • Intro [7]: I didn't laugh or anything, but at least it tricked me into thinking that you're a good writer! It has a very personable style. Even though I don't know any of those people you're mentioning, I bet someone who did would like it. Very good intro for me not knowing what's going on! I almost feel like you should get a higher score for this section, but like I said, you take your readers as they come.
  • 1 A-Rod's First At Bat [7]: Mmm, okay. I understand enough about baseball to at least see why someone would like this part. It's basically saying that he's letting perfectly good pitches go by him, right? ...right?
  • 2 A-Rod's Second At Bat [6]: Baseball jokes, eh? Still good writing, but meh.
  • 3 A-Rod's Fielding Error [5]: Whoops, you lost it! You need to have the narrator have complete faith in A-Rod until the very end. Don't have him lose faith in the middle of the article, Mr. Fist, or else what's the joke?
  • 4 A-Rod's 3rd At Bat [5]: Good writing, as is the entire article, but the punchline is already gone by the 3rd section when the narrator lost faith. The punchline, which is not that strong a punchline I don't think, came in the middle of the article. Either stretch it out a little longer or, more wisely, shorten the article to compensate.
  • 5 A-Rod's 4th At Bat [4]: I don't really understand what's going on here...
  • 6 A-Rod Sucks [6]: It's not bad, it's just that this section is only one sentence long. Mmmm, not that I would know how to make it longer...
  • 7 See Also [N/A]: You probably should keep this, only for the sake of Uncyc.
Concept: 6 Uncyc needs a page about A-Rod, and not just Alex Rodriguez. However, it probably is too esoteric for most of us.
Prose and formatting: 10 Very impressive. It was like reading an actual article about that one guy striking out 4 times.
Images: 7 Oh, I don't know. I hate this section of the review! I liked having the pictures there, but they weren't funny for me, a person who knows diddly about baseball.
Miscellaneous: 7.2 avg'd via {{Pee|5.7|6|10|7}}
Final Score: 35.9 Oh, I know what you were hoping for: a 49/50 at least? I have felt that way on many of my articles. I suggest moving on to your next project, as this one is in article limbo: never going to be deleted (because the writing itself is really good), but never going to be featured (because it doesn't appeal to enough people). Is there any way to make references to things normal people watch? Ask for help from baseball fans you know... how would you explain this 0-4 thing to laymen so that it's funny? The only thing I can suggest for you right now is going WAY over the top in your love of A-Rod until the very end. I hope I helped, Fist! Keep on trucking, okay? Your writing style is easy and flowing: keep writing.
Reviewer:   Le Cejak <-> Mar 27 (09:50)
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