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edit 5 Things Cracked Stole From Uncyclopedia

The last article I wrote. Probably a horrible bust, but I'd like some feedback. --Hotadmin4u69 [TALK] 20:21 Oct 10 2010

Humour: 7 Let's see.... where do I start? I'm not so sure that I am qualified to do this whole review thing, but I'd like to have a go at it anyhow. The humor in this article in my opinion was just above par. Nothing to get excited about. Like honestly, I'm not sure if it was that I read it in the middle of the night, or what ever, but I stopped absorbing what I was reading in the middle of it. The first thing that you mentioned Cracked stole from Uncyclopedia didn't really make sense to me. But hey. its cool cause I'm 15 and some stuff goes over my head. And the 2nd (or #4) I just kinda like... stopped absorbing it altogether. But then I just went back 2 seconds ago and it made more sense.
Concept: 10 Like honestly. You are a genius. I would never have come up with such a good idea. I wonder if Cracked will ever read it cause I bet they'd be honored. The whole way you copied them almost identically (ALMOST... I'll explain later) really CRACKED me up. heh heh. You make me look bad. The only concepts I can come up with are lousy puns.
Prose and formatting: 9 Uhhh I mean it was great and everything. As I mentioned 24 times before, you copied the format of the sight really well.

BUT WAIT!!!!!! There was one thing I deducted a single point for! Cracked normally has the little introduction before they get into the list. You put the into after the first heading. That is all. Now hold on as I look up the word prose on Dictionary.com.

The ordinary form of spoken or written language, without metrical structure, as distinguished from poetry or verse. Now let me look up metrical... Yeah well anyways, it was well written too. However, I don't feel like editing your grammar, cause it seemed ok to me.

Images: 9 Again, the pictures are brilliant. The screenshot thing at the top really made it authentic. I actually thought I was taken to their site for a moment. I don't get the Euro Ipod thing... but hey. 9 for being cooler than me.
Miscellaneous: 7 Now, because I gave you such good scores above, I had to give you an okay score down here, cause the article wasn't perfect. Cause we are all human. 'Cept for you. Youre a chinchilla. One more complaint: You lacked a metaphor comparing something to the sarlacc pit from Star Wars. Literally half the articles on there contain a sarlacc comparison. It's weird. this is what happens when you look up Sarlacc. There really shouldn't be that many references. And read the last one on the first page. The guys comparing it to his anus.
Final Score: 42 I really liked the article. That's why I was so nice. Just put the into on top of the fist part of the list, add a sarlacc joke, and youre golden. I hope me review was okay enough to satisfy your holiness.
Reviewer: --User:Fonchezzz/sig 14:10, October 11, 2010 (UTC)
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