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edit 4 Minutes to Save the World

Hey y'all, this is my newest article. If you won't give it the highest possible score, try to refrain from reviewing it.

MeatLoafFan 03:26, 28 July 2008 (UTC)

Criticism is helpful, no matter how cruel. I'll pee on it anyways.
I, Methamphetamine, am here to pee on your article. If you can, please let me pee. Thank you, and good night.
Humour: 8.2 This article is rather random, but there were a few funny parts in the article. I also find it hilarious that you are making fun of a song nobody liked anyways. Joking. Anyways, I suggest you don't use a bunch of random shit, and getting off-topic way too much isn't necessary. Overall, I think this was a pretty funny article to look at. You get an 8.2 in my book.
Concept: 7.25 I think your concept for this was rather adequate, because not many people make fun of a song without actually singing to it's beat. But I also think it got off-topic way too much, and I frown upon that during reviewing concept and humo(u)r. You get a 7.25.
Prose and formatting: 8.6 You got the comedy linking down. You've also got the font HTML down. But I see you have a problem that I see in just about every article I have reviewed, and that is emphasis. bolds, italics and strikeouts help for Prose and Humor, although for me, that serves an insignificant amount. You get an 8.6.
Images: 6.9 Out of the three you had, two were from "Four Minutes" and those two were the ones that were funny. The third one wasn't funny, and the caption helped only a little. 6.9.
Miscellaneous: 7.7 Avg'd.
Final Score: 38.65 Well, I'm back from the dead and I have made my debut in being... better. I think it was good, but not good enough to be featured on the front page, or for it to win any awards. This is Jasper, signing off. I hope it was productive.
Reviewer: [23:45, 28 July 2008 (UTC)] I can't beleive Jasper Ain't dead yet! I'm happy too, sire. DR2 ASA or Nutella? Decide. Talk to meh.
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