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edit Concept and development

Up until Saturday (18th December) ideas for the current colonization,


can be hashed out here. The discussion below should be geared towards what sort of concept the article will have. All colonizers are welcome to participate in the discussion. Other things that could happen during this planning phase include deciding which participants will be working on which sections, although that is strictly optional.

Sometime Saturday the 18th or Sunday the 19th, a general outline from these ideas will be compiled and posted here. Once the outlines are picked, this will be moved to the discussion page.

Post your opinions and ideas for U2 below.

edit Resources to guide discussions

Through the history of colonization some things have been found to work well. For ideas on how to begin you might want to check out:

edit Article ideas

A couple of links for anyone interested. Wikipedia page, official website, Creative commons stuff. Pup 11:17 11 Dec '11 Addendum: Random newspaper article. Pup 11:34 11 Dec '11

edit Images

edit Other ideas

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