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edit Imperial Colonisation needs YOU

Ahoy, mateys! Imperial Colonisation (or colonization for those that fought colonial rule) has had a strong and proud history. We strive always to civilise the untamed areas of this great globe of ours, and we have had great success. We have covered the past, and the future. We have brought forward great leaders and artists with out efforts. We have enlightened and educated the masses. And of course, as part of changing the world, we have changed YOU!

But there are still parts of this great world that need te help of people like yourselves, so to the end, the lobsterbacks are being called on again. And we need you to help us with our latest project. So slap on your redcoats, shoulder your rifles, and head to the colonies!

This has been sent to you as a previous member of IC. If you don't want to receive any more messages relating to IC, inform PuppyOnTheRadio, and he might do something about it.

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