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So you've decided to make an image for an article. Follow these tips to insure the success and public acceptance of your image.


If it's not funny the first time, don't keep doing it.
Not very funny: Bouncyuncyclogo Still not funny: ReallyBouncyuncyclogo


Don't try to 'improve' a good image. You suck if you do this.
This is funny.
Not funny:
This is not funny.


No f***ing shock images. You do that, you die.
Goatse: Black You didn't want to see this.
Lemonparty: Black This either.
Tubgirl: Black Not even that.
Nipples: Black You wanted to see that, but it was censored by Wikia.


Tony blair pimp

As a general rule, this is how not to retouch a picture

A picture is a perfect complement to a good joke. But only if it is well made. Chopping up a picture of Tony Blair's face in MS Paint is not well made (unless you're making the picture look bad for a satirical purpose). Taking time on the picture and using a professional program such as the GIMP or Photoshop to make it is advisable, although some of you will be able to knock up decent images on Paint. Most importantly, don't use an old picture that you found on the internet, no matter how sure you are that no-one else will have seen it, use your own imagination to produce something better. Summed up:

  • Making an image? Do it well.
  • Using MS Paint? Do it well.
  • Thinking about uploading an image you found on the web? Do it at your own risk.
  • Be creative.


Don't be afraid to ask about your image if you're unsure. Ask friends (if you have any) or just go on IRC. Get others' opinions on it. Ignore the pompous imbeciles that regard your request for input as noob-ish. If all else fails, use the Pee Review, Image Review, or something.

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