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Features: 79.5

Boer War, British Moon-landing, Lady-Gardening, Mrs God's blog, The Popularity of War, Punk Floyd, What I did on my hols, The History of the Atom, Peter Rabbit Reanimated, Flash Gordon, The Asylum-Seeker's Guide to Visiting McDonald's, The Who, Cops Confused at Celtic Carnage, The Duke of Edinburgh Award, The Pilgrim Fathers, The Rough Guide to Gotham City, A CCTV Nativity, Why?: Not fly Air Zimbabwe?, The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care, New Threat to Christmas, Gangs of New York, HowTo:Be A King‎(co-authored with Fredd), Little Adolf's School Report, The History of the War on Drugs, Charles DeGaulle, How To:Get Married, Tooth Fairy, HowTo:Be Man's Best Friend, Sir Francis Drake, Bob the Sperm (With Fredd), The Six Wives of Henry VIII, His word writ large, The Wizard of Aus, UnNews:David Blaine to die for our Sins, Bond Villain, Interview with a Vampire, The Doolittle Raid, William Westmoreland with Funnybony, Kate Bush (with Black flamingo11), Prince Madog, A. A. Milne, UnTweets:Noah, United States of Earth with User:Funnybony, Egyptian Gods, Collective Nouns, Yogi Berra, UnBooks:Dr Seuss' "The Git who Stoned Christians", Male Adolescence‎, Roberto Duran with Funnybony, Barbarian, God's Answering Service with User:PuppyOnTheRadio, Lonely Hearts Column (with Black Flamingo & his gang of ten), Un-British Activities, Roger Hargreaves, There'll Always Be An England?, Raymond Chandler's "Murder on the Orient Express", The Abridged Reader's Digest Abridged Classics, Psychedelic music (with Funnybony), Last of the Mohicans‎, Salem witch trials, Updating The Classics, G-Rex (with Funnybony), Celebrity Advice, Inbox (with Basically Everyone), UnNews:Deity seeks Gagging Order, UnNews:Refugee Pandas safe in Scotland, Recent developments in Crypto-Zoology, UnNews:Alien Invasion Plans Revealed, Next Year's Australian Grand Prix,Totally Torah: Genesis, Monopoly (game), Nillion (with Funnybony and Shabidoo) , Anger-Management, Why?:I'm not sorry I ate your Unicorn, US National Debt, Onan, HowTo:Seize Power, Stockholm syndrome, BBC Worldwide: Children's Television, Etiquette, Boko Haram, The Doctor is IN, Why?:Eat a full English Breakfast, The Jackson 5, Medieval Marginalia

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