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Features: 27.5

Herod the Great, Whigs, UnBooks:Keith_Richards (collaboration with Funnybony ), Dylan Thomas (Rewrite from existing stub), UnNews:North Korea purge football team after 7-0 humiliation (with Smuggler), Augustus, Herman Cain (with Magic Man, Mattsnow and Socky), Titus, UnScripts:Titanic Wireless Transmissions Conspiracy, RMS Olympic, Helen of Troy, Julian Assange (with help from Rei ), Battle of Trafalgar (near complete makeover from existing article), Hmor (collaboration with SPIKE), Muffin the Mule, UnBooks:Dirty Harry Potter (reworking, extension and adding extra illustrations to a translated article by Tiennos, History of Great Britain (a collab with Zarbag), UnScripts:I had that Archduke in the back of my cab once, Antoninus Pius, Cleopatra (complete re-write but kept some pix from original article),Fracking, George R. R. Martin, Battle of Bosworth, Sex scene (re-working an existing article but replacing a lot of content and adding images), Raphael,Suit (written mainly by Anon but fleshed it out and added images. Half point), Holy Roman Empire, Ares, Marie Antoinette, Horatio Nelson

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