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Features: 50

Biggles, Neolithic Age, Jingo, Voynich Manuscript, Googlewhack, Prog Rock, Holocaust Tycoon, The Wicker Man, UnBooks:The Adventures of Baron Ringpiece, Merde, She Wrote, Artificial Pseudoscientology, The Diary of Anne Frank, Oscar Wilde, Dead Nigger Storage, Social Commentary, Carry On Films, Hannah Montana, Thermopylae, HowTo:Play the Skin Flute, If you loved THAT, you’ll love THIS, Horatio Hornblower, The Phallic School of Architecture, Erogenous Zones and Difficulties in Overcoming Finding Them, How To:Survive a Japanese Game Show, HowTo:Write An Article That Stands No Chance Of Featuring On Uncyclopedia, Double Entendre, The Rubens Diet, The History of the Decline and Fall of Uncyclopedia (Adobe Potatochop, Rogue Punchlines, Goa Tse, African Giraffe, Scrawlings of The Artist as a Young Drunk, Jew Claw, Lewd Acts of the Apostles, A Guide to Snark Hunting - An Edwardian Gentlemen's Companion (with Multiliteralist), The Bunfight at the OK Corral, Clementine Attlee (with MrN9000), Eadweard Muybridge, Zoopraxographer, Badly Drawn Porn, Gallows Humour, Norman Wisdom, UnBooks:The Uncyclonomicon - Into the Silent Screaming Mouth of Madness, UnBooks:Fear And Loathing In Blackpool, Lancs (with UU), Gastrorgasmic Cuisine (with Luvvy), Suddenly, 'coons, A Study of Existentialism within Speed 2: Cruise Control, Uh oh! (with TKF, UU and, uh, C?), Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle, I'm an Ascended Master.....Get Me OUT of Here!, Fuck the Police, Arthur C. Clarke,(additional work done by WeatherUnderground),Secret Governmental Report Number 244212

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