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Features: 54.5

Turing Duck Test, Japanese High Schools, Schindler's Listcruft, Why?:Eat your broccoli, UnTunes:Monkeys and Footballs, Thanks for buying our product! Now, fuck you., UnNews:Man forgets 9-11, UnNews:God Rewrites the Bible, Color Me Badd, UnNews:John McCain calls for War on Bears, Cell biologists are cooler than molecular biologists, UnNews:Presidential candidates devote all remaining funds to one voter, Pontius Pilates, UnNews:Dewey Defeats Obama, Chuck Norris (U.S. accountant), Category:My sojourn (w/ various others), Colin Powell, UnNews:Man wakes up, Amanda Steele, Action Cop, UnNews:Point-Counterpoint:Is Obama smart to bring back the era of big government?, UnNews:Vampire hunter confused by ancient writings, Dragon Warrior, The fact that you don't want a poodle, Scrub typhus: the geographic distribution of phenotypic and genotypic variants of Orientia tsutsugamushi, Prison Break, UnBooks:Great Abridged Pop Songs, UnTunes:Still Hurting, Fan service, Five tough life lessons I wouldn't have had to learn if I had listened to Flood by They Might Be Giants, UnScripts:X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Why?:Don't we do it in the road?, UnTunes:All You Motherfuckers Are Gonna Pay, Third-wave feminism, Pile of Enormous Socks of Genoa, I ate your Haagen-Dazs, Your estimate of how long to reheat the lasagne, Amerigo Vespucci, Sparta, What's a nigga gotta do to get a Pee Review around here?, Miss Teen South Carolina, Suddenly, Raccoons, UnBooks:Bad Romance, Brittany Hensel, UnTunes:We In Da Club, Whatcha thinking about?, Aqueduct, A Fine Frenzy, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, UnNews:Journalists unable to wait for the 10th anniversary of 9/11, UnNews:Faggot had personal problem with me (with Clemens177), 2 Girls 1 Calculus Equation (with THE), Common sense, The toaster in Pulp Fiction, Heraclitus, Why?:Shoot the albatross

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