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  • To all authors of articles who would like them to be translated, please make sure that all pictures in the article have their sources properly stated. In certain countries there is no "fair use" policy.
  • UnNews articles should only be suggested when they have a "timeless" character. A good example is UnNews:Small children may have unrealistic goals which has no relation to an actual event and can be presented as hot news every other day. Articles referencing certain events and dates might be outdated when they are translated.
  • Articles based mainly on word-play should be flagged as such. They will be very difficult or impossible to translate. For example Civil war is funny because of the double meaning of "civil" here but hardly ever such a double meaning can be carried over in another language. "civil" in German is "höflich", "Civil war" is "Bürgerkrieg". You cannot bring both together and the joke will be lost, and the article with it.
  • Do not translate the meaning but the humour of the articles. The meaning is not worth.

Note: Since English is pretty much the universal link between the different sites, England has more ambassadors than the other sites. We will try to act as a worthy middle-man as far as possible.

Official Polish Contr-Note: Bullshit! Esperanto is more universal!

Official Esperanto Contr-Contr-Note: I wish I were universal, but nobody likes me :'(

Official Note from Another Artificial Languages: Damn. Let us rule the world!

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