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それが決定するまで、このオフィスでは、主に各国の皆様が翻訳に苦労されると思われる単語などを事前に抜き出し、分かりやすいように英語に翻訳しておきたいと思います。(Until we decide that, in this office we will be mainly taking out the words in our articles that we think people from other countries might not understand, and replacing them with something more recognizable.)

翻訳(Translation) Edit


(Italiano)Grazie per fare italiano, ognuno molta cultura giapponese un articolo.C'è la persona che vuole presentarlo a tutti di voi da tutti i mezzi.È la persona che più giapponese non conosce, ma è il samurai che non era capace frequentare chi c'era realmente 100 anni fa.Per favore sfidi traduzione se interessato.

なお、英語で翻訳すると言った直後にイタリア語に翻訳するのは、単なる気まぐれである(It was pure whimsy on my part to do an Italian translation immediately after talking about translating English.)

Hideo Sonobe Edit

  1. 園部秀雄・・・Hideo Sonobe
  2. 撃剣興行・・・Show of fencing by samurai
  3. 佐竹鑑流斎・・・(reading)Kanryusai Satake
  4. 契り木・・・It is read, "Chigiriki". Chigiriki is special arms of Japan
  5. 井上猶心斎・・・(reading)Yushinsai Inoue
  6. 武徳殿・・・Butokuden
  7. 小松宮彰仁親王・・・Prince Komatsu Akihito(Wikipedia)
  8. 渡辺昇・・・(reading)Noboru Watanabe
  9. 堀田捨次郎・・・(reading)Sutejiro Hotta
  10. 繁八・・・Shigehati(Hideo's son-in-law)
  11. 朝野・・・Asano(Hideo's daughter)

(Hideo Sonobe was a great martial artist who left his name in Japanese history.)

生まれから武道家になるまで (Birth~Until becoming a martial artist) Edit

(Hideo Sonobe has been born in old Sendai feudal soldier Kusaka family in Miyagi Prefecture Osaki City in 1870. )
(The childhood name"Tarita")
(As for this name, parents who were many children were named in the meaning "The child wants already to be worth".)
(Poor "Tarita" has gone out to service to the hot spring of Furukawa in Miyagi Prefecture at the age of 13 since infancy.)
(In four years.)
(Fencing Show "Satake Kanryusai Circus" comes from Tokyo to Furukawa all the way.)

「撃剣興行」とは、明治維新によって職を失った剣の達人たちによる見世物である。 (「Fencing Show」 is a show by experts of the sword that loses the employment by Meiji Restoration.)

そこで繰り広げられた達人たちの技術に17歳のたりたは魅了され、「佐竹鑑流斎一座」への弟子入りを志願する。 (Then, "Tarita" 17-year-old is enchanted to the military arts of unfolded experts, and it applies for becoming a disciple of "Satake Kanryusai Circus". ) ただし、この時代、すでに撃剣興行は時代遅れであり、古川温泉などという小さな温泉にまで営業に出かけなければならないほど落ちぶれていた。
(However, "Fencing Show" was more already old-fashioned, and the more it was necessary to go out even to a small hot spring such as the hot springs of Furukawa to do business, had fallen low in this age.)
(It approached middle term at 1887 and the Meiji era, and it tried to face the end in the age of old military arts in Japan.)

そうでなければ、貧乏な「Tarita」が弟子入りすることができず、そして、日本の剣の世界を大きく揺さぶることもなかったのだから、歴史とは皮肉なものである。(Otherwise, because poor "Tarita" cannot become a disciple, and that did not shake the world of the sword of Japan greatly, the history is sarcastic.)

最初、たりたの願いは両親に聞き遂げられることはなかった。(The wish for "Tarita" asked parents and was not accomplished first.)
しかし、姉からの説得と自らの血で決意を紙に書くなどして最終的に両親を説得することに成功した。(However, it succeeded in the final persuasion of parents by writing the decision on paper by blood that persuaded from the elder sister and was own.)
後に、日本屈指の武術の達人となる「Tarita」の最初の一歩である。(It is the first one step of "Tarita" that becomes the expert of military arts in eminent Japan back.)

無事に弟子入りできたたりたは 佐竹鑑流斎一座で新しい名前として「日下秀雄」をもらう。("Tarita" that was able to become a disciple safely gets "Hideo Kusaka" as a new name by "Satake Kanryusai Circus".)
そして、一座の見習いとして武道家としての一歩を踏み出すことになる。(And, one step as the martial artist will be stepped forward as party's apprenticeship.)

日本一の武道家になるまで( Until becoming the martial artist of the top of Japan) Edit

当時、「Satake Kanryusai Circus」を率いていたのは、「佐竹重文」と「佐竹茂雄」の両名で、彼らは江戸で有名だった剣術の道場「直心影流」の達人だった。(At that time, it was both names of "Shigefumi Satake" and "Shigeo Satake" that led "Satake Kanryusai Circus", and they were experts of gym "Jikishinkage sect soon" of famous fencing in Edo.)

そして、佐竹重文は自ら新しい流派として「直柳影流」を立ち上げるほどの腕前を持っていた。(And, "Shigefumi Satake" had the skill as "Jikiryuei sect soon" was voluntarily started up as a new school.)

そんな達人である佐竹重文だったが、最初からHideoに稽古をつけていたわけではない。(The practice was not applied from the beginning to Hideo though "Shigefumi Satake" who was such an expert.)
彼は、秀雄に朝に500回、そして夜にも500回の一人での練習を命じている。(He is ordering Hideo the practice of one of the 500 times at 500 times and nights in the morning.)
また、「Satake Kanryusai Circus」における炊事洗濯も秀雄に行わせている。(Moreover, the cooking washing in "Satake Kanryusai Circus" is done to Hideo.)

後年、秀雄は「まともな修行の時間よりも炊事洗濯の時間のほうが長かった」と語っている。Hideo is said at later years, "The time of the cooking washing was longer than the time of straight training".
しかし、Hideoはこの苦しい修行に耐えて、半年後に「Satake Kanryusai Circus」の舞台に立つことを許される。(However, it is permitted to Hideo to endure this painful training, and to stand in the stage of "Satake Kanryusai Circus" after half a year.)
そして、達人である師匠から直接指導を受けることになる。(And, guidance will be received directly from the master who is the expert.)

3年後、そこには「Satake Kanryusai Circus」を代表する存在となった秀雄がいた。(There was Hideo who became existence there that represented "Satake Kanryusai Circus" three years later.)
そしてHideoの実力が本物であると確信した師匠は、それまでの見世物に加え、Hideoを全面に出した見世物を考え付く。(And, the master who was convinced that the ability of Hideo is a real thing hits on the show that puts out Hideo in addition to the show till then to all aspects.)
それは、Hideoと戦って勝った人間に豪華な景品をあたえるというアトラクションであったが、それはすなわち、全国各地の武道家に対する挑戦状でもあった。(It was a challenge to the martial artist in nationwide various places in a word though it was an attraction of giving a gorgeous premium to man who fought against Hideo and won.)
残念なことに、Hideoはこのアトラクションで一度敗れている。(To our regret, Hideo has been defeated once in this attraction.)
「Chigiriki」と呼ばれる、筒状の杖の中に分銅が隠された武器によって、背中を打たれたのである。(It was called "Chigiriki", and was hit the back with arms where the weight was concealed in a cylindrical cane.)
しかし、それ以外の100回を越える試合で、Hideoは各地の達人たちに一度も敗れることはなかった。(However, you can never defeat Hideo at experts in various places in the game that exceeded 100 times of the rest.)

<<<<<<<< このへたくそで疲れる翻訳は、「Old-gamer」と「Excite翻訳」によって行われている。(This unskilled, tired translation is done by "Old-gamer"&"Excite Translation".) >>>>>>>>

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As a writer(especially Uncyclopedian), you need to write a beautiful sentence. However, unexpectedly or on purpose ugly sentence exists in this world. In this article we show series of ugly sentence so other Uncyclopedian can write Beautiful sentence and write ugly sentence here.

Too small to read(文字が小さすぎる文章) Edit

Even though you write nice sentence, nobody will read your sentence if it was really small

Too big to read(文字が大きすぎる文章) Edit

It is very attractive to write in big letters but difficult to read isn't it?

Sentence with graffiti(落書きされた文章) Edit

Graffiti is a crime. As you see, it make my beautiful sentence unseen.


Too much punctuation marks(やたらと句読点が多い文章) Edit

Too much, punctuation, mark makes , the reader very, irritating, and for; writer, because, it is difficult to, read ; and takes, many , space which ; means, you use , more paper therefore, you are killing , trees. DON'T, USE ,TOO ;MUCH PUNCTUARION, MARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sentence without punctuation marks(句読点が少なすぎる文章) Edit

Sentence with which Japanese word is mixed(日本語の単語が混ぜられた文章)Edit

Even if This 記事 was translated from an アンサイクロペディア Japanese version,it is not easy to read the with which a 日本の word has mixed with.You should 翻訳する all Japanese words with Japanese-English 辞書 or エキサイト先生. Therefore, you should not write そのような a sentence.

(Even if This article was translated from an Uncyclopedia Japanese version,it is not easy to read the sentence with which a Japanese word has mixed.You should translate all Japanese words with Japanese-English dictionary or Ms.Excite. Therefore, you should not write such a sentence.)


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こんにちは。Mr.Wolf。上にある文章を書いたのは、Old-Gamerです( Hello. Mr.Wolf. It was Old-Gamer that wrote the things above.).Ore Tatianoさんは、きっと、翻訳している最中かと思われます。(Mr. Ore Tatiano is surely in the process of translating right now.) なお、実際にやってみて分かったのですが、アンサイクロペディアの笑いを翻訳する作業は、かなり困難です(However, something I learned from actually trying to translate myself was that it is really hard to translate humor on Uncyclopedia..)ウェールズの歴史か、もしくはギリシャ語の読解、正直なところGeorgiaの政治問題レベルかもしれません( ? )←(Don't worry about the previous sentence. I'm just complaining and it doesn't need to be translated.) 本当に、相手が何について笑うのかわからないというのは怖いですね。(Really, it's scary when you don't know what kind of things will make the other side laugh.) とりあえず、様子を見ながら少しずつ進めていくつもりです。(For now, I will move ahead a little at a time and see how things go. )もし、何かご不明な点などありましたら、何でもご質問ください。(Please feel free to ask me about anything unclear.) Old-gamer