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You probably already know Wingdings; one quiet day, there you were, bored at your computer with only Microsoft Word to entertain you, and you decided to play around with the fonts for a while. No, not him, grandma, THE FONTS! Well, some amused you for a while, while you found others downright ugly. Then suddenly, near the bottom, close to the conclusion of your epic journey, you happen across a strange cryptic text that appears to be complete nonsense, but whose name suggests some artistic worth and you become eager to crack this bizarre cypher. That name is Wingdings...

Innocently, you proceed to type a few lines; you see faces, mailboxes and the Zodiac Sign for Leo - without doubt this moment evokes in you the most horrible, unspeakable truth. All the evidence is there for you to see - Wingdings is a cunning piece of Christian propaganda!

edit A secret message

Wingdings are a way for anti-semitic and anti-islamic groups to spread their hateful propaganda, using well-chosen combinations of letters.

Picture Subtext: Their death will mean our victory. The muslims have been stopped.

Just look at the word "NAZI" and how you should interpret it. Look at the picture. Do you really think it's a coincedence that the term "nazi" is used time and again in discussions that have nothing to do with the Second World War? Even on the Uncyclopedia, we had such posts on the discussion pages on Will Smith and George Clooney. We're talking about actors over there! It is therefore absolutely clear that the word "nazi" shouldn't be taken by its original meaning, but that it should be read through Wingdings.

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