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What the advert says......and what we say
Mum! Fido escaped! Well, these things will happen if you let a dog inhale helium.
Mum! Fido escaped again! Well as it's raining now, it'll quickly diffuse from his lungs, so he'll be fine.
MuuuuuuuummM! Fido escaped again!" No he hasn't Jimmy. He's in the kitchen. I know, because he's humping my leg as we speak"
I got the flu What?! This is the biggest problem when people are rushing to save a burning coach?!
I do not like the Christmas gift? Bring it to us becseréljük phone! I want to see the seller face girl, when the four landfills in front hupilila dildo ...
So far, five different detergents are used. But it's a miracle! " Aggregated. The five housewives pearl is the same brand of detergent used. One of the edge of one of the rúzsfoltoknak the cabinet, one of the ....
All is full of dirt! There is, for example, the borfolt! Who is the idiot who has a white blouse, the red filled in by itself?
Náthás was. You electricity megállóbeli geese, do not look to read?
I could not talk. Good times were.
Is very smelly! Baby, no more cola Tormás bread!
| I really jumped into the shopping mall to wait for an hour and a half to dry the clothes. If you do not come out of the dinner he leeszem myself and start all over again ...
Sikáltam and sikáltam and just past the end sikáltam and burnt milk .... Maybe it's not stupid to read women's magazines, but there should be boiling when the addition of milk.
A boy is always full of dirt, mud, and fűfolt. Megjegyeznénk modestly, that the lad will not be released to the open air, until they learned to walk normally.
Do you know why I chose D. ..- t J The pay you the most.
Ten fogorvosból six recommends this toothpaste. The other four patients already have.
Why not use the washing powder? Yeah, I was 5 kg mosóporral go and stay.
Dig for your phone! Are you stupid? Odaástam the mother-in-law too!
This dog eats all szárazeledelt. Except for you, at home.
On the left side of the traditional shirt mosóporral now, for the right shirt and ...... kicseréltétek.
What's on your checks bankunkban incinerated. No one appeared to be that in the bank, the fire alarm does not work?
Gorged my nose. Use a drain. The label for all eliminates constipation.
Only for you! Only now! Only with us! " Only Die ...
A solution was found in the bran! Megkopaszodtatok?
What does it change? " The műsoridőtöket ...
The information is not exhaustive. The detailed kondíciókért go to a. .. As long as the mouth torn, even You could have told me that the 3.5 %* hitelkamatból how, after the recording was 43.5%?
I'm done with the X college. I am a director. Szerepelsz So you're not in this for the money in advertising?
Slide down! Üvöltöztél If you do not have the top of the mountain, I have not been carried out by the avalanche itself.
When I cook for the family, always use it in a fantastic drug. Which is not to be, if you are not allowed in the house once a Snow White Evil mostoháját.
I'm Hungary is always on the zsírpusztítót use. To be, but not in Hungary or girl, so I only get back on the table next to!
We now come to the fiesta? Well, if I show you the girl on the Italian fiestámat!
Desperately filthy ovens! " But what did you do? She blew up a miserable Thanksgiving turkey? Not interested in a job offer Guantanamo? We see clearly understand the tortured prisoners of war!
  • I really think that you have used it only as much of the fat mass? What follows from this power at the time?
  • Okay, while the number of male and tapogatás szemin print out in the dark, pussycat?
Joe, that changed after high school! " Yeah, I have since called Yanina. Would you like chocolate?
Eat this one pukipukkasztó bogyóból before beülsz to the movies! " But why? At least we do not meet me!
| If anything belecseppentesz in this dish, it klopfolót show you what the cattle do agyonvágni.
The other kids are always hanging above the internet! " Lóghatna is higher ... You know, this is not the same in the next Jancsika children, who are always all kinds of stupid reasons plasztikvackot should take, because it already has?
Amellékhatásoktekintetében kérdezzemegorvosát vagygyógyszerészét. What's up, hurry up somewhere?
Read the section apróbetűs. Reveal that the electron microscopes a scart connector to be connected to the screen?
Someone elhozhatná mother smelly shoes. If eltelefonáltatok each other, it is a car for the elküldhettetek have cipőért ...
The match is very sweet. You ever bekenni he fülzsírral?
This is the cream remove wrinkles at face. Britney Spears, then why do not you use? If you are using, why not use him?
Every time I go to the kitchen, a domestic kipurcan widgets. Do not go to the kitchen. Cheaper.
Well, it works, it is what I bought on credit. Until tomorrow, when You 'il ruin it again, and you may purchase a third.
Hello, who is playing with me? The symbol set.
If you take antibiotics again in !!! It will be terrible consequences, like you?
This is a wonderful ízfokozóban it all, a good lunch is required. The abrasives as well? So then after lunch, the roasted elmosogatja itself?
I have a headache. Are you look bad. Take a little bit of fresh air. Wait, to help open the door of a helicopter ...
Past headache! Okay, you may also remember that only the left side of a real mountain, is not it?
You should get something. Bírsz It's not you? At least you can wait until the pilot landed on the helicopter!
Dübörgéstől That hurts my head! " So now disable rotorokat, only the pleasure you!
Look ten years younger, this krémtől! If you can not be junky model would be to look ten years younger!
Hello? Ááááááá! Please wait for the operator. New Balance: Press the frog on the left eye, hearing the voice mail: Pull back on the right hind leg ...
Hi !I just want to spoil it.
Yes, you got it! " Oh, advertising.
What can I do to dry after cleaning the window stripes are not in Masonry.
Broke the TV. The neighbor to look at. He recommended the Bank. Today, the neighbor came over to watch TV. The Bank took the tévéjét.
Q10 Q11! I overcame!
I thought ... not even think of suicide?
This is the dog took the csokimat! Let that be a sign of unpacked chocolate in your pocket? Applicants for a nice mosóporreklám főszerepére what?
This bitch will help you there. I have helped a whole week ...
Use of this pain! " Therefore, the poor old man has the balls to be inserted into the esernyőddel?
It came to me ... It is still not clear: he is working at the bank? If so, the bank says a lot. If not, why has not acquired a distancing order for this goose? "
The parrot will fly, and you cancel. Debilke, he invented the dictaphones and motor courier.
Can the excavators of the game! " Why, it was not a truck?
What would be the elimination ... when you finally eliminálnád the képernyőmről few fájdalomcsillapítóval box?
Ever since the new ráncerősítőt taking just skip to the highest pultokat Police also ![[]]! Will the bankrablóóóó!
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