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edit A Bit Of An Intro


You're famous, whoever you are!

While Wikipedia used to have BJAODN to store their nonsense, and we have TFAODP to store our facts, where do we store our fantastic nonsense that nonetheless gets reverted? When Wikipedia gets a fantastic truth edited, they just delete it and call it POV. Must we do the same? Instead, welcome to Fantastic Jokes and Other Reverted Humor, Uncyclopedia's repository for fantastic jokes doomed to the confines of an article history page forever.

Every now and then, an IP or rogue user or somebody makes an edit on Uncyclopedia that ends up being...a little out of place. Often these edits may be reverted, deleted, and all the like, as well they should, being that we do strive for a certain level of quality around here. However, since there is a little bit in all of us that tends to be amused by this kind of stuff, whether willingly or not, Boomer and I, in order to document the most hilarious of some of these edits, have created this page. Things like "i hav a big kokk lol" need not be listed here. But, depending on the context, nonsensical or random things may be appropriate for this page. I guess it's all up to user discretion (and by "user discretion," I mean "my own malevolent nature"). Feel free to list things appropriately categorized on this page, and I and my panel of judges will decide whether it should be kept or not.

This page is mostly for links to the diff's or revisions themselves, and not to the actual articles. Vanity and shit articles that get QVFD'd (and there will be plenty, don't worry) will be added by erasing this page, adding the article content to this page, reverting those edits, and then linking to the revision of this page containing the original article text. Happy laughing.

edit IP Edits To Existing Pages

Including blatant vandalism, misguided edits, or wacky whatevers.

edit Vanity And Shit Articles by IPs And Such

edit Regular User Nonsense

Regular users doing silly things on the site.

edit Rc vs. Spang 2008: Wiki-Wars (on Pay Per View)

edit Retired Numbers

For edits to articles that have since been deleted, and therefore cannot be seen, we devote this section to their loving memory, and for the sake of archiving.

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