“The only thing worse than being talked about is being talked about and not knowing about being talked about because no one added a {{Exlinkto}} template to your talk page on Uncyclopedia.”
~ Oscar Wilde
This page shows articles which are linked from outside Uncyclopedia.


If Uncyclopedia articles are being linked and discussed from somewhere interesting on the Internet you can tell us about it by adding {{Exlinkto}} to the articles talk page.

Article Summary
Cyprus Cyprus Mail
Ron Paul (old forum and improved a lot since then)
Kitten Huffing
Flying Spaghetti Monster knowyourmeme New York Times! reprinted in Taipeitmies
Malaysia Malaysian government warns citizens about Uncyclopedia
Boone's Farm Google Number 5! "Drinking Boone's Farm is kind of like snorting glue, but in a bottle. Stale glue..."
The Lake District "Frankly, it bored the a*** off me, and I only went for five days."
Who built the moon Google number 2! na, only for 2 days. grumpy guy - Facebook
Fish Puns Ask! no more
Above Top Secret ATS website forum about this page.