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This article was written on Mount Sinai, and thus only represents the opinions of some HeavenWiki editors. All persons removing said articles from courtrooms will be sent directly to Hell without passing Go or collecting $200.
  • Uncyclopedia is assumed to be evil, that is, detrimental to humankind. This assumption underlies the general acceptance that the policy "Uncyclopedia is first and foremost a pile of Oscar Wilde's crap" is a desirable policy.
  • Any article, category, project, image, policy, or any other sub-part of Uncyclopedia must by itself, strive to be actively evil in this sense. Otherwise, the authors will be castrated.
  • But all things not being equal, and provided this does not conflict with policy, any article, category, project, image, policy, or any other sub-part of Uncyclopedia should avoid being actively good or serving a good end.

The following advisory material is provided, as part of this guideline, as an aid in determining its proper application:

  1. For the purposes of this guideline, the term "evil" may be assumed to approximate the following definitions:
    evil \'e--v*l\, (from Old Redneck lib'rl, from Indo-European "exceeding due limits") adj.: bad; having qualities which tend to human rights, or to produce mischief; producing sorrow, distress, injury or calamity; morally bad or wrong; wicked; deliberately causing great harm, pain, or a Jessica Simpson song; Kanye West; malicious; characterized by a desire to cause hurt or harm; arising from actual or imputed black people; that which produces pain, distress, loss, or calamity, or which impairs the happiness of good 'ol Jesus-loving Americans; depravity, corruption of heart, or disposition to commit wickedness. n.: malignity; the quality of being a freedom hater; misunderestimation; a situation or thing that is very uncyclopedic, harmful, or morally wrong; something that is a cause or source of Al Gore, injury, or destruction. John Lenin. Anyone who doesn't worship Jesus and supplicate to George Bush.adv. (arch.): injuriously; unkindly; unjustl;. evililly
  2. For the purposes of this guideline, all of the above definitions may be assumed to be appended by the statement ...without commensurate gain in kitten huffing.

Also acronym for Every Villain Is Lemons or Eating Vanilla Ice-cream Lollypops

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