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Slots do not accept money. Use the token machine to your right. Each token costs $1, and a spin of the slots costs 3 tokens.*

*Tokens cannot be exchanged for cash, or any sort of prize whatsoever.

Spin Prize
Wildehead Wildehead Wildehead Super Jackpot
Fancysix Fancysix Fancysix Jackpot
Ringringringbananaphone Ringringringbananaphone Ringringringbananaphone 100 tokens
Apple logo white2 Apple logo white2 Apple logo white2 75 tokens
Cherry slots Cherry slots Cherry slots 30 tokens
Cherry slots Cherry slots Any 10 tokens
Cherry slots Any Any 1 token

The LCD display on the machine to display the Super Jackpot and Jackpot appear to be broken...

Super Jackpot is currently:

|¯| | |  ¯    |

     _  | | |_


Jackpot is currently:

| |  ¯| | |
 -   -  
|_| |   | |



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