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Wargames is a popular game on Uncyclopedia where users usually start a global thermoneuclear war with themselves.

edit Directions

  1. Log out of your account and create another user, say under a catchy and brilliant name
  2. Greatly contribute to Uncyclopedia by creating articles, peeing on articles, and helping out under your second name
  3. Start flaming your user that you just created on how he is ruining Uncyclopedia
  4. Have that user you created flame your own user
  5. Expand the flames into drama, nominate you for UGoTM, revert every edit you make. Do anything!
  6. Watch everyone suddenly turn on you as they ban your ass for causing drama on another user
  7. There is no step 7, therefore there is no winning move

edit Winning

Contrary to the above statement, there is only one winning move.

  1. The winning move is not to play this game anymore and do something else
  2. Another possible winning move is that you get bored playing with yourself and stop this insane game of war before it's too late

edit Rules

  • You are only allowed to start war on the user you created
    • You cannot flame another user because any user that is not you will constitute a losing move
  • You cannot lose, losing is against the rules. Therefore you must win at all costs or not at all
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