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edit Directions

1: Choose a random article

2: Randomly choose 3 words from the article.

3: Cut out those 3 words only

4: Paste them into the Kleptomaniac's stash box below.

5: Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 until Admins notice.

6: If they give you chance, try blag your way out of a ban by claiming it is all due to a psychological problem you have, and that you can change and you will replace everything you have stolen right away.

7: There is no step 7. You stole it.

edit Kleptomaniac's Stash Box

1 point for each 3 words you add. 10 bonus points from each 3 words you steal from an article admin have contibuted to..... 100 bonus point if you manage to put everything back before admin decide to ban you anyway.

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