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  • Add as much as you want
  • Make what you want gramatically correct. For example, each sentence must have one noun and one verb.
  • Make sure you use mostly templates, not words.
  • Use only templates from Category:Mad Libs templates

The Auto-Novel


Before this was written, a centaur wandered through the Pup Sith Empire Hall of parchments...

Chapter 1: The demoralizing earlobe

Once upon a arc welder, inside a clammy Honda in Muskogean Kingdom, our bevel was ate. "Oh" was mysterious during 5 pens, completely. In a few words, the Coffee Republic owned sacrifices during 5 Trident Skill, except raging twin blades.

Luckily, the balloon was nervously 25 jellybeans from Cloud Cuckoo Land. "Oh Pikachu" exclaimed the pedophile. Gain 1,000,000,000 Grue Resistance! Pablo Picasso is carefully regarding the Earth Federation's Wisdom and imitation fake vomits swallowing. "DAMN," Donald Duck reduced. In other words, Big the Cat was not belittling, legislating Fletching.

Hugh Hefner the vulture blesses magmas, but only against smelly reindeer on 0 . In the usual course of events, What is it the more you take, the more you leave behind?? A orange burger.

To cut a long story short, in 1210 BC, Jennifer Lopez the wombat rinsed, "FLYING RAT'S ASS" He got pus on my pile of flaming horse feces. Certainly! No shiny certificate for him!

His paternal great-great-grandmother was at Fairyland, rioting his testes when the hard sticks of gum began rinsing. "Snowball's chance in hell" he optimized. "They've lolled the massive t-shirts!"

As a rule as Larry King said, mea navis aëricumbens anguillis abundat, meaning "Genius." They were sued by Viacom and sacrificed a hub cap. The Banana Republic added their n politicians, but The Vulcan High Command was affably hotter.

The husband , Paris Hilton, liked yucky-looking gooey yellow with a touch of slimy green lubrizol.

It was deceived that queer pwned the dolly of Texas toast. To cut a long story short, it wasn't fanatical. A bestiality broken a goose egg. As a rule, it was so with composure dark it turned into Peter Griffin. Everyone agreed that a gelato wasn't the best way to anglicanise. At the end of the day, sensual operating theaters aren't very wobbly because of all the lasagnas they eat, and the fact they live in Middle Earth, where the rifles worship an almighty beetle.

The search engines rebelled against the evil Klingon Empire. Problems arose when Jimmy Neutron pandered a verb. Jesus Christ was so implosive it was decided that a mandate was soon to deliberate. This resulted in a final battle, where Ted Kennedy was eaten by Ringo Starr. Do you still think monkeys are cute?

It was then a dark day for World Soviet Alliance. They hadn't got 10 Construction, and a idiotic city of theirs was about to be destroyed by a Digimon. This was before Edgar Allan Poe stepped in and battled the flammable monster. The monster's neckbeard came loose. The hero thought he had won, but he didn't see the Tendriculos (with 100,000 Bow Skill) agreeing a pastry behind him. Oh no! What became of our hero?!

Basically, the fanatical city was cogitated. It had once been a employing metropolis, but it was now heterosexual.

Chapter 2: The straight penis

The jocular cadavers went across the windy microwave. It was a infectious site, with flaccid bathtubs the size of homologies. There were no Tarrasques or Dreamwolfs. The voyage to the ruins of the quick city was in perfect weather.

The ruined city was a clumsy site. The grammar crazed Wikipedians that had destroyed it had clearly gone back to A Place Far, Far Away. Everything seemed fine until a Skulk jumped out and grabbed a crewman by the hair. The crewman then piloted the contradiction. Another hairless crewman fed the a Skulk some quesadilla he had in his suicidal lemming. This added the a Skulk and made it defective. The crewmen were only just recovering from the shock of that, when three misspeeled wrods came proving barring a pool table. These monsters were equivalent.

Eventually, it has been insulted that earning a misspeeled wrod can badly untie ones clitoris.

Meanwhile, in Assyria, Abu Hamza was pandering a hybrid engine. It suddenly came to him that he could deport The Sith Empire if he litigated the cowbell. He realised that he could smash Meg Griffin into cruising a blender. This would be a shitty Texas toast. For many weeks he deceived across the charming minefield, to get to Montreal. When he finally got there, it turned out that The Sith Empire had broken there. This was controversial for him as he was homely at the time. He was navigated by the Noface because he didn't have 1.5 Self-esteem.

His nephew managed to fumble though, and this caused The Sith Empire to refill button on Montreal, because of a handstand optimizing a antibacterial. Abu Hamza owned a answer for employing a glue with a quivering knife. But a few centrifuges were already washing save the sensual answer. So he cured that comma and left it in Vichy France. Upon leaving, he saw Tony Soprano and a misspeeled wrod freezing a giraffe. "Get your own, woman!" they yelled, as Abu Hamza reduced his mustache. "MONTEZUMA'S REVENGE" he cried, as he watched Loch Ness Monster be caught stepping on the red zone by Sal Fasano armed with a elephant gun.

Chapter 3: The coruscating Wednesday

"OMG!1!!" was the cry that the people of Montreal were chanting, as their hero <insert name here> ate the megalomaniacal cake past the Sith Empire building. "You'll never problematize our copyist, failure! We have jellybeans!" cried their hero. "Unleash the misspeeled wrod," said the President, "They'll all be found out in just 2 hours!" "lawlz!" died a slow boing. "i pwnd u lawl!" said the made into a strange Internet fad 8 faggot pussies Sith Empire. Montreal was the TITS & DICKS cheapskate of 9,838 people's <insert name here> hideout of Saturday. The next time Abu Hamza returned to the scene, the jellybeans were not bamboozling anymore.

Chapter 4: Furthermore, tofu shouldn't throw

ChiefjusticeDS; "Who's there?"

<insert name here>; "PORCUPINE'S BALLS, answer me: whack, and veto yourself."

Pup; "Long live the Count!"

Benedict Arnold; "Pup?"

Pup; "Different lights do make me strange. Thus into different sizes I will change. What am I?"

<insert name here>; "You come most congruent circa your bamboo".

Pup; " 'Tis now struck twelve. Get thee to Montreal, <insert name here>."

<insert name here>; "plus this crusher much thanks: BULLSHIT, And I am sick at tonsil."

Pup; "When is a door not a door?."

<insert name here>; "Not a velociraptor giving."

Pup; "Barnacles, good Saturday. If you do meet Abu Hamza and Jacques Derrida, The plagues off my watch, bid them to revolt frostily."

Ganondorf; "I think I hear them.--Mmm! Where will you find roads without cars, forests without trees and cities without houses?"

<insert name here>; "Friends off Sith Empire."

Pup; "And xenomorph excluding the Columbian.

<insert name here>; "exercise you good-night."

Pup; "-Expletive Deleted-, farewell, honest chief, Who hath reliev'd you?"

<insert name here>; "BillyBob has my place. To come to the point, Certainly."

Pup; "Fair enough! <insert name here>!"

<insert name here>; "Say. What, is IchBinFunneh there?"

Ash Ketchum; "A piece of him."

Chapter 5: The cartilages next the cliff

Why can't the puzzling snake dry a faceplant? The anger may hack, slash, & burn the boardwalk, but should a clerk receive? The suffocating Zelda wriggles the megalomaniacal deity of personal preference and a terracotta amuses below the litigating person. With his hideout briskly agreeing the XTREME cutlass, why does the Holy Martian Empire leftenant exercise near a cigarette? The anything cruises! When will an airplane hump around a equivalent peanut? The handstand attempts given the Pastafarian jellybeans.

As Abu Hamza deliberated (in a good way) through the bright lubricants of Montreal, she began to feel slightly pimpalicious from brazenly sacrificing unpleased rifles. As she concluded that her pursuers had probably grown uncivilized somewhere before Muskogean Kingdom and feasted, she saw a forbidden nostril near the end of the YouTube Poop about π feet away... or did she? Maybe it was just an airplane that her dismal book had created in a bulbous attempt to make sense of things. Having deconstructed this flan for no more than 2 seconds, Abu Hamza decided that the Kodak - whatever it would turn out to be - could never evaporate her more than vomiting. She would make it her erect destination until dusk, and mollify the maturing magmas of La Palace de George Dubya Bush - the same place she had ablated ever since Donkey Kong reduced there 9 years ago. "Blam! Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!", she thought to herself. "In contrast to this, in flagrante delicto."

They won't pasteurize a dog house.

But masturbate the model 1897 and you can't go wrong; as Abu Hamza recollected hers she remembered that she was already homely. The Sith Empire was no longer raping her, and she could theoretically remix peacefully across Montreal without maturing. Equally important, this was assuming that the a Flayerkins that inhabited Montreal (and were likely the ones who had programmed her brazenly) would not subpoena. Not that it really mattered if they did - Abu Hamza had been trained sometimes by the Sith Empire military prior to her work on their useless radioactive light bow - but in case she would incinerate, it was probably best to be aware of the risks.


A teacher uses a electric armour-piercing rough rifle that shoots shivs! And then stuff happens. And then more stuff happens. And then everyone dies.

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