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The Auto-Novel


Before this was written, a echidna wandered through the Romartus Carrington Institute Hall of hybrid engines...

Chapter 1: The supercalifragilisticexpialidocious arc welder

Once upon a stapler, down a belittling treetop in Catarnia, our bazooka was programmed. "Kick butt" was inept betwixt 90 beach balls, frostily. More than ever, the Klingon Empire sacrificed cadavers betwixt 85 Martial Arts, given expensive torpedos.

Luckily, the rope was frostily 8,026 gas tanks from Venus. "Oh You" exclaimed the ricer. Gain 25 Fire Resistance! Chairman Drek is impolitely regarding the People's Sovereign Union of Planets's Trident Skill and tanks giving. "CUM," Jim Carrey broke. Anyway, Ted Kennedy was not malevolent, breaking Moxie.

Barney the Dinosaur the goose riots operating theaters, but only behind eerie violoncelli on 1986 . Absolutely not, What's brown and sounds like a bell?? A bleen dumpling.

As such, in 2099 BC, Hulk Hogan the kangaroo beheaded, "CROTCH" He got water on my spoon. Take care! No Poo Lit Prize for him!

His groom was at Egypt, deconstructing his artery when the knives began piloting. "You're welcome" he washed. "They've recollected the despicable anvils!"

On the whole as Hagrid said, bonis pastoris est tondere pecus non deglubere, meaning "Gooooooood" They were zapped by infrared radiation and earned a tube. The World Soviet Alliance deceived their 250,000 leashes, but The United States of Mexico was hatefully dirtier.

The nephew , Britney Spears, liked grue colored teriyaki sauce.

It was sniffed that fluorescent light threw the lighting of dead flounder. At the end of the day, it wasn't fake. A watermelon meditated a fork. In contrast to this, it was so hardly curative it turned into Larry King. Everyone agreed that a clitoris wasn't the best way to legislate. For the most part, substandard toasters aren't very red because of all the lasagnas they eat, and the fact they live in South Africa, where the violi worship an almighty ferret.

The reindeer rebelled against the evil Systems Commonwealth. Problems arose when Rolf Harris vomited a osmosis. Goku was so luminous it was decided that a governor was soon to delete. This resulted in a final battle, where Elisha Cuthbert was constructed by Strong Bad. Do you still think arctic monkeys are cute?

It was then a dark day for Confederation of North America. They hadn't got 1.5 Max SP, and a mysterious city of theirs was about to be destroyed by a Deishling. This was before Tom and Jerry stepped in and battled the jocular monster. The monster's mustache came loose. The hero thought he had won, but he didn't see the Narf (with 1.5 Herblore) insulting a cutlass behind him. Oh no! What became of our hero?!

On the other hand, the wet city was ablated. It had once been a blessing metropolis, but it was now dazzling.

Chapter 2: The shitty whip

The tacky virii went across the windy cookie cutter. It was a unbalanced site, with sexy salad forks the size of air conditioners. There were no Rakshasas or Wumpuss. The voyage to the ruins of the equivalent city was in perfect weather.

The ruined city was a fervent site. The double entendres that had destroyed it had clearly gone back to Nagasaki. Everything seemed fine until the newt Gingrich jumped out and grabbed a crewman by the mouth. The crewman then programmed the luggage. Another natural crewman fed the the newt Gingrich some cream pie he had in his baseball bat. This optimized the the newt Gingrich and made it dead. The crewmen were only just recovering from the shock of that, when three Kattas came feeling but a steak dinner. These monsters were idiotic.

In the usual course of events, it has been earned that optimizing a Katta can nonchalantly subpoena ones Zelda.

Meanwhile, in A Place Far, Far Away, Katie Holmes was writing a bridge. It suddenly came to him that he could problematize The Carrington Institute if he beheaded the dyslexia. He realised that he could vomit Roger Clemens into drying a deity of personal preference. This would be a rhythmic foible. For many weeks he suffocated across the clammy quickloader, to get to London. When he finally got there, it turned out that The Carrington Institute had destroyed there. This was wet for him as he was contagious at the time. He was cruised by the Slime Cube because he didn't have OVER 9000!!!!!!!! Hadoken Resistance.

His maternal great-great-grandfather managed to w00t though, and this caused The Carrington Institute to hear cheese on London, because of a needle deporting a contradiction. Katie Holmes suffocated a deity of personal preference for lolling a DJ with a overwrought imitation fake vomit. But a few papers were already deconstructing next the shiny deity of personal preference. So he washed that Geiger counter and left it in Yoshi's Island. Upon leaving, he saw Osama bin Laden and a Katta maturing a sasquatch. "Get your own, moron!" they yelled, as Katie Holmes froze his spine. "DUMBASS" he cried, as he watched Mongolian Death Worm be Death Note'd by Sean Connery armed with a diet pill.

Chapter 3: The purple Thursday

"j00 got p4wn'd!" was the cry that the people of London were chanting, as their hero Giga-00Bah-1337-Hax0r-Pwnz0rz cogitated the bad mannered jelly past the Carrington Institute building. "You'll never multiply our hovel, monkey raping dillhole! We have twin blades!" cried their hero. "Unleash the Katta," said the President, "They'll all be found out in just 7 hours!" "furfag.!" died a slow boing. "lol wtf!" said the forced to eat shit 1 faggot pussies Carrington Institute. London was the FUCKFUCKFUCK asshole of -1 people's Giga-00Bah-1337-Hax0r-Pwnz0rz hideout of Sunday. The next time Katie Holmes returned to the scene, the operating systems were not lolling anymore.

Chapter 4: In other words, a diet pill might steal

Spike; "Who's there?"

Giga-00Bah-1337-Hax0r-Pwnz0rz; "COCKING FUCKBOROUGH, answer me: fart, and activate yourself."

Romartus; "Long live the Master!"

Goku; "Romartus?"

Romartus; "What demands an answer, but asks no question?"

Giga-00Bah-1337-Hax0r-Pwnz0rz; "You come most rhyming aboard your loser".

Romartus; " 'Tis now struck twelve. Get thee to London, Giga-00Bah-1337-Hax0r-Pwnz0rz."

Giga-00Bah-1337-Hax0r-Pwnz0rz; "below this wall much thanks: HELLFIRE, And I am sick at small intestine."

Romartus; "What is it the more you take, the more you leave behind?."

Giga-00Bah-1337-Hax0r-Pwnz0rz; "Not a arctic monkey recollecting."

Romartus; "Crikey, good Sunday. If you do meet Katie Holmes and Spongebob, The air conditioners failing my watch, bid them to clapperclaw insufficiently."

Jerry Jackson; "I think I hear them.--Barnacles! What demands an answer, but asks no question?"

Giga-00Bah-1337-Hax0r-Pwnz0rz; "Friends beneath Carrington Institute."

Romartus; "And neverland to the Kittenolivian.

Giga-00Bah-1337-Hax0r-Pwnz0rz; "prove you good-night."

Romartus; "Fargin' iceholes, farewell, honest janitor, Who hath reliev'd you?"

Giga-00Bah-1337-Hax0r-Pwnz0rz; "Giga-00Bah-1337-Hax0r-Pwnz0rz has my place. Eventually, Melon farmer."

Romartus; "Bam! Giga-00Bah-1337-Hax0r-Pwnz0rz!"

Giga-00Bah-1337-Hax0r-Pwnz0rz; "Say. What, is Chimychanga there?"

Sal Fasano; "A piece of him."

Chapter 5: The houseplants behind the cartilage

Why can't the sinister answer deteriorate a hybrid engine? The age may explicate the dot, but should a singer envision? The earning boar bamboozles the quick possibility and a cucumber breaks below the cogitating clavichord. With his paper sadistically curing the hopeless cellphone, why does the sacrifice pastor implode near a scroll? The polyethylene employs! When will a cow plagiarize around a moist hailstone? The hitman zips amidst the coruscating telephones.

As Katie Holmes pandered cheekily through the shiny etchings of London, she began to feel slightly huge from colloquially freezing senseless hotels. As she concluded that her pursuers had probably grown Nobel prize-winning somewhere before Uranus and analyzed, she saw a cosmic raccoon near the end of the melanoma about 100,000,000 feet away... or did she? Maybe it was just a homology that her inept bamboo had created in a dark attempt to make sense of things. Having matured this jellybean for no more than 3 seconds, Katie Holmes decided that the rope - whatever it would turn out to be - could never push her more than maturing. She would make it her fat destination until dusk, and mollify the blessing hub caps of West Virginia - the same place she had matured ever since Cloud Strife baptized there 3 years ago. "Yow! Beats me!", she thought to herself. "Furthermore, ars est celare artem."

They won't golf a mammary gland.

But orate the model 8826 and you can't go wrong; as Katie Holmes expelled hers she remembered that she was already cosmic. The Carrington Institute was no longer navigating her, and she could theoretically deport virtually across London without breaking. Anyway, this was assuming that the a Slime Cubes that inhabited London (and were likely the ones who had meditated her coarsely) would not baste. Not that it really mattered if they did - Katie Holmes had been trained relentlessly by the Carrington Institute military prior to her work on their freezing radioactive shiny laser-gun that shoots Kattas - but in case she would bless, it was probably best to be aware of the risks.


A waitress uses a exploding radioactive phaser-pistol! And then stuff happens. And then more stuff happens. And then everyone dies.

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