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  • Make what you want gramatically correct. For example, each sentence must have one noun and one verb.
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The Auto-Novel


Before this was written, a goat wandered through the ChiefjusticeDS Centauri Republic Hall of mammary glands...

Chapter 1: The lifeless spermicide

Once upon a temple, times a quivering buddy in Hong Kong, our dolly was litigated. "That's alright" was rigid behind -0 cakes, ruthlessly. To sum up, the Klingon Empire navigated reindeer to 250,000 Lightning Resistance, over putrefying needles.

Luckily, the balloon was barely 5,870 delicious pies from Unnecessary Surgery Land. "Oh Albert Einstein" exclaimed the answer. Gain 5 Nuking! Benito Mussolini is nastily regarding the United Federation of Planets's Cooking Skill and leashes proving. "ARSEBADGERS," Margaret Thatcher proved. First and foremost, Big the Cat was not boring, maturing Sexiness.

Jacques Derrida the elk rewards cobs, but only till cryptic tubes on 1984 . Furthermore, Give me food, and I will live; give me water, and I will die. What am I?? A spruce crisps.

However, in 3426 AD, Colin Powell the fuckfish modeled, "HELL" He got wine on my hub cap. Geez! No CHEESECAKE!! for him!

His paternal great-great-grandmother was at A Place Far, Far Away, navigating his dead skin cell when the tofus began deceiving. "Rats" he written. "They've cured the lifeless cakes!"

In other words as Walt Disney said, bellum se ipsum alet, meaning "If I vote for this will you stop stealing the water?" They were SolarBeamed and blessed an encyclopedia. The Ministry of Plenty admonished their eleventy billion mugs, but The Centauri Republic was eloquently nicer.

The bride , The Doctor, liked red blood.

It was sniffed that bass guitar programmed the arthritis of whereabouts. In a word, it wasn't offensive. A steak knife destroyed a algorithm. At long last, it was so nonchalantly dazzling it turned into Gordon Brown. Everyone agreed that a rickroll wasn't the best way to balkanize. In other words, wet homotopies aren't very cozy because of all the carrots they eat, and the fact they live in Shawnee Republic, where the etchings worship an almighty ocelot.

The tires rebelled against the evil Vulcan High Command. Problems arose when Kermit the Frog optimized a DVD. Ash Ketchum was so belittling it was decided that a search engine was soon to subvocalise. This resulted in a final battle, where Strong Bad was rinsed by Joey Barton. Do you still think bearsharktopuss are cute?

It was then a dark day for Earth Federation. They hadn't got 10 Intelligence, and a remarkable city of theirs was about to be destroyed by a giant enemy plant. This was before Joe Walsh stepped in and battled the cheap monster. The monster's lymph node came loose. The hero thought he had won, but he didn't see the Mûmakil (with 70 Strength) feasting a ax murderer behind him. Oh no! What became of our hero?!

In particular, the lavish city was ablated. It had once been a rinsing metropolis, but it was now nefarious.

Chapter 2: The on edge stamp

The transparent politicians went across the windy kakistocracy. It was a megalomaniacal site, with common bananas the size of organs. There were no Gilligan-mutants or Shambling Mounds. The voyage to the ruins of the ill-bred city was in perfect weather.

The ruined city was a folksy site. The Buruns that had destroyed it had clearly gone back to Britland. Everything seemed fine until a Tumerok jumped out and grabbed a crewman by the ring finger. The crewman then employed the death plane. Another belittling crewman fed the a Tumerok some pizza he had in his Kremling. This deconstructed the a Tumerok and made it common. The crewmen were only just recovering from the shock of that, when three Luxans came deceiving against a hallway. These monsters were Nobel prize-winning.

Really, it has been insulted that raping a Luxan can exuberantly fumble ones cheeseburger with a large fries and a coke, plus a kids meal.

Meanwhile, in Andes Mountains, Stephen Colbert was insulting a galleon. It suddenly came to him that he could stink The Centauri Republic if he owned the road. He realised that he could hump George W. Bush into sacrificing a buffalo. This would be a oozing jelly. For many weeks he suffocated across the unbalanced cheval-de-frise, to get to A Place Far, Far Away. When he finally got there, it turned out that The Centauri Republic had felt there. This was controversial for him as he was demoralizing at the time. He was deconstructed by the suicide bomber because he didn't have 1,000,000 Guts.

His father managed to annihilate though, and this caused The Centauri Republic to deconstruct sweet and sour chicken on A Place Far, Far Away, because of a paperclip meditating a grue. Stephen Colbert accentuated a terracotta for deliberating a needle with a joyful sceptre. But a few search engines were already insulting among the oblivious terracotta. So he gave that air and left it in Unamerica. Upon leaving, he saw Natalie Portman and a Luxan rinsing a bear. "Get your own, fat whore!" they yelled, as Stephen Colbert matured his mouth. "DAGO" he cried, as he watched Taahgaarxian be reverted by Madonna armed with a crossbow.

Chapter 3: The uptight Thursday

"OMFG!!!!" was the cry that the people of A Place Far, Far Away were chanting, as their hero CoolGuy felt the morbid dollhouse past the Centauri Republic building. "You'll never nuke our bomb, ass fucker! We have bow and arrow!" cried their hero. "Unleash the Luxan," said the President, "They'll all be transwikied in just 2 hours!" "fagget!" died a slow boing. "liek omg wut?!" said the buried in homework 3 faggot pussies Centauri Republic. A Place Far, Far Away was the FUCK OFF scum of 77,922,083 people's CoolGuy hideout of Thursday. The next time Stephen Colbert returned to the scene, the parchments were not plagiarizing anymore.

Chapter 4: Anyway, a sacrifice couldn't litigate

Frosty; "Who's there?"

CoolGuy; "FUCKTARD, answer me: dehydrate, and dance yourself."

ChiefjusticeDS; "Long live the Glorious Leader!"

Meg Griffin; "ChiefjusticeDS?"

ChiefjusticeDS; "You use a knife to slice my head and weep beside me when I am dead. What am I?"

CoolGuy; "You come most tawdry till your peach".

ChiefjusticeDS; " 'Tis now struck twelve. Get thee to A Place Far, Far Away, CoolGuy."

CoolGuy; "till this custard much thanks: ANUSCAKE, And I am sick at nipple."

ChiefjusticeDS; "I dig out tiny caves, and store gold and silver in them. I also build bridges of silver and make crowns of gold. They are the smallest you could imagine. Sooner or later everybody needs my help, yet many people are afraid to let me help them. Who am I?."

CoolGuy; "Not a mandrill deliberating."

ChiefjusticeDS; "Snowball's chance in hell, good Sunday. If you do meet Stephen Colbert and Stewie Griffin, The homicidal screaming carrots in my watch, bid them to neuter hardly."

Michael Moore; "I think I hear them.--Big deal! A man takes a barrel that weighs 20 pounds, and then puts something in it. It now weighs less than 20 pounds. What did he put in the barrel?"

CoolGuy; "Friends underneath Centauri Republic."

ChiefjusticeDS; "And brickbat astride the French.

CoolGuy; "litigate you good-night."

ChiefjusticeDS; "Rats, farewell, honest king, Who hath reliev'd you?"

CoolGuy; "GenericNoob has my place. However, Woe is me."

ChiefjusticeDS; "Hold the phone! CoolGuy!"

CoolGuy; "Say. What, is <insert name here> there?"

Simon Cowell; "A piece of him."

Chapter 5: The glycerins behind the cow

Why can't the contagious gas tank crinkle a stampede? The idiot may obliterate the leukemia, but should a whore erect? The maturing Subaru adds the beloved lighting and a bachelor appears below the bamboozling centrifuge. With his pastry exuberantly earning the remarkable tank, why does the respiratory system trucker mature near a juice? The hobgoblin models! When will a stick annihilate around a sinister linux? The Furby lathers till the dead skulls.

As Stephen Colbert sanctified raucously through the Tom Cruise crazy neurotoxins of A Place Far, Far Away, she began to feel slightly vigilant from nastily optimizing incompetent centrifuges. As she concluded that her pursuers had probably grown complaining somewhere before Guadalajara and programmed, she saw a Pastafarian YouTube Poop near the end of the thumbtack about OVER 9000!!!!!!!! feet away... or did she? Maybe it was just a nuclear reactor that her natural arc welder had created in a revolting attempt to make sense of things. Having eaten this broadsword for no more than 1 seconds, Stephen Colbert decided that the dictator - whatever it would turn out to be - could never toast her more than throwing. She would make it her depressed destination until dusk, and hack, slash, & burn the deliberating fissile uranium samples of A Place Far, Far Away - the same place she had agreed ever since This Guy pwned there 6 years ago. "Blam! Close, but no cigar!", she thought to herself. "Generally speaking, ad hoc."

They won't cuddle a tuxedo.

But exorcise the model 6767 and you can't go wrong; as Stephen Colbert cruised hers she remembered that she was already boring. The Centauri Republic was no longer litigating her, and she could theoretically activate fortissimo across A Place Far, Far Away without recollecting. In fact, this was assuming that the a hybrids that inhabited A Place Far, Far Away (and were likely the ones who had sacrificed her with composure) would not sniff. Not that it really mattered if they did - Stephen Colbert had been trained (in an unruly manner) by the Centauri Republic military prior to her work on their deadly armour-piercing heavy photon-pistol - but in case she would edit, it was probably best to be aware of the risks.


A referee uses a ballistic ninja-pistol that shoots Luxans! And then stuff happens. And then more stuff happens. And then everyone dies.

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