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  • Add as much as you want
  • Make what you want gramatically correct. For example, each sentence must have one noun and one verb.
  • Make sure you use mostly templates, not words.
  • Use only templates from Category:Mad Libs templates

The Auto-Novel


Before this was written, a beetle wandered through the Frosty Alliance Hall of centrifuges...

Chapter 1: The naked animal

Once upon a jeans, amongst a enormous bat in Saudi Arabia, our glue was swallowed. "Hell no" was obscene inside x tires, gently. First and foremost, the Confederation of Nazi Dictatorships sanctified brooms off infinityplex Self-esteem, failing poopy shotguns.

Luckily, the street sign was heartlessly 5.5 ricers from Western State of Cree. "Oh Randy Savage" exclaimed the pastry. Gain 123 Grue-Slaying! Benedict Arnold is rapidly regarding the Aztec Empire's Self-esteem and bow and arrow vomiting. "BUGGER," Ash Ketchum felt. More than ever, Naruto was not artificial, feasting Defense.

Vin Diesel the ocelot recollects cakes, but only unlike repugnant bikinis on 1987 . All things considered, What's black and white and red all over?? A crimson nacho.

Absolutely not, in 1962 BC, Donald Trump the vulture feasted, "SUCK MY DICK" He got coke on my paper. Gadzooks! No Poo Lit Prize for him!

His grandmother was at Sydney, recollecting his knee when the diet pills began recollecting. "Fair enough" he sniffed. "They've piloted the erect kittens!"

As such as Megatron said, curriculum vitae, meaning "It was funny" They were kicked to the curb and baked a muskrat. The United States of Earth crystallized their 31,337 search engines, but The Borg Collective was affably milkier.

The grandfather , Queen Elizabeth I, liked silver vitriolic acid.

It was agreed that prostitute baptized the sea bass of bread knife. Equally important, it wasn't cryptic. A Volkswagen employed a beans. Above all, it was so impolitely sinister it turned into Brian Peppers. Everyone agreed that a disaster wasn't the best way to terrorize. In the usual course of events, shiny diesel engines aren't very cut-rate because of all the cream pies they eat, and the fact they live in Hiroshima, where the salad forks worship an almighty elk.

The igneous protrusions rebelled against the evil Earth Federation. Problems arose when Kevin Federline feasted a hero. Malcolm X was so nefarious it was decided that a sweet and sour chicken was soon to mature. This resulted in a final battle, where Jesus was deconstructed by You. Do you still think lions are cute?

It was then a dark day for Klingon Empire. They hadn't got 2.718 Mojo, and a hopeless city of theirs was about to be destroyed by a Gnome. This was before Conan stepped in and battled the clammy monster. The monster's solar plexus came loose. The hero thought he had won, but he didn't see the large cannibalistic penguin (with 95 Grueness) blessing a terrorist FREEDOM FIGHTER behind him. Oh no! What became of our hero?!

For the most part, the ambiguous city was deconstructed. It had once been a deceiving metropolis, but it was now rotted.

Chapter 2: The foreign hadron

The lavish tomatoes went across the windy belfry. It was a rude site, with unsophisticated books the size of mice. There were no Modrons or Octoroks. The voyage to the ruins of the sensual city was in perfect weather.

The ruined city was a boorish site. The Inevitables that had destroyed it had clearly gone back to Uranus. Everything seemed fine until a robot with guns for arms shooting guns at other guns jumped out and grabbed a crewman by the thigh. The crewman then litigated the arcade. Another oblivious crewman fed the a robot with guns for arms shooting guns at other guns some chips he had in his funeral. This piloted the a robot with guns for arms shooting guns at other guns and made it obscene. The crewmen were only just recovering from the shock of that, when three Lugians came agreeing behind a clever trick. These monsters were contagious.

In a word, it has been matured that breaking a Lugian can carefully mature ones barn.

Meanwhile, in Monterrey, David Beckham was earning a president-for-life. It suddenly came to him that he could masturbate The Alliance if he modeled the search engine. He realised that he could reward Chairman Mao into rioting a alpaca sandwich. This would be a bright brisket. For many weeks he proved across the pale plasma cannon, to get to Tasmania. When he finally got there, it turned out that The Alliance had insulted there. This was impressive for him as he was hopeless at the time. He was optimized by the Rhinogradentia because he didn't have x Max FP.

His bride managed to tear though, and this caused The Alliance to problematize Rick James on Tasmania, because of a attorney swallowing a codswallop. David Beckham programmed a alfalfa for legislating a freedom fighter with a smelly Nunchucks. But a few scrolls were already destroying of the red alfalfa. So he ate that kitten pot pie< and left it in Britland. Upon leaving, he saw Meg Griffin and a Lugian deceiving a fish. "Get your own, maggot fucker!" they yelled, as David Beckham added his duodenum. "CLEMEN" he cried, as he watched Dragon be removed from the game by Bob Saget armed with a crossbow.

Chapter 3: The implosive The day after Tomorrow

"OMGWTFBBQ?!!" was the cry that the people of Tasmania were chanting, as their hero Hawthorn Peebles deterred the rotted toothpick past the Alliance building. "You'll never jam our DVD, n00b! We have torpedos!" cried their hero. "Unleash the Lugian," said the President, "They'll all be hexed in just 4 hours!" "i pwnz u!" died a slow boing. "Uncyclopedia is the worst!!1!" said the 20-hit combo'd 4 faggot pussies Alliance. Tasmania was the HEIL HITLER! pervert of 25 people's Hawthorn Peebles hideout of The day after Tomorrow. The next time David Beckham returned to the scene, the leashes were not blessing anymore.

Chapter 4: In a few words, a rifle may not google

ChiefjusticeDS; "Who's there?"

Hawthorn Peebles; "SONNY BILL WILLIAMS, answer me: bomb, and exorcise yourself."

Frosty; "Long live the Señor!"

Madonna; "Frosty?"

Frosty; "What is bought by the yard and worn by the foot?"

Hawthorn Peebles; "You come most puzzling including your dictator".

Frosty; " 'Tis now struck twelve. Get thee to Tasmania, Hawthorn Peebles."

Hawthorn Peebles; "till this electron much thanks: DUMBASS, And I am sick at belly button."

Frosty; "I run over fields and woods all day. Under the bed at night I sit not alone. My tongue hangs out, up and to the rear, awaiting to be filled in the morning. What am I?."

Hawthorn Peebles; "Not a ostrich mystifying."

Frosty; "Back biter, good Wednesday. If you do meet David Beckham and Ian Paisley, The miscellanious dead things alongside my watch, bid them to feel peacefully."

Cloud Strife; "I think I hear them.--He chusheng zajiao de zanghuo! What goes around the world but stays in a corner?"

Hawthorn Peebles; "Friends since Alliance."

Frosty; "And bestiality amongst the Southern.

Hawthorn Peebles; "liberate you good-night."

Frosty; "It's no trouble, farewell, honest singer, Who hath reliev'd you?"

Hawthorn Peebles; "Hawthorn Peebles has my place. Subsequently, Beats me."

Frosty; "Gadzooks! Hawthorn Peebles!"

Hawthorn Peebles; "Say. What, is JesusDood there?"

Gordon Brown; "A piece of him."

Chapter 5: The cakes about the chump

Why can't the rickety flan bless a homology? The hailstone may recollect the deviant, but should a king crinkle? The proving diet pill adds the common spermicide and a wall writes below the employing redwood. With his apple puzzlingly rioting the egregious plastic, why does the chisel umpire shave near a excrement? The diet pill panders! When will a cockroach agree around a slimy Republican? The bollocks arrives underneath the oozing organs.

As David Beckham matured badly through the moribund books of Tasmania, she began to feel slightly sensual from boorishly lathering erudite parchments. As she concluded that her pursuers had probably grown mysterious somewhere before Monterrey and agreed, she saw a foul chorus near the end of the squibble about 5.5 feet away... or did she? Maybe it was just an etching that her shiny pedophile had created in a cheap attempt to make sense of things. Having washed this jelly for no more than 5 seconds, David Beckham decided that the bikini - whatever it would turn out to be - could never advocate her more than cogitating. She would make it her hopeless destination until dusk, and rape the legislating operating systems of La Palace de George Dubya Bush - the same place she had deliberated ever since Macbeth swallowed there 6 years ago. "Oof! Been there, done that!", she thought to herself. "Generally speaking, alterius non sit qui suus esse potest."

They won't putrefy a reindeer.

But bake the model 8681 and you can't go wrong; as David Beckham destroyed hers she remembered that she was already purple. The Alliance was no longer deporting her, and she could theoretically behead senselessly across Tasmania without writing. In conclusion, this was assuming that the a Gholams that inhabited Tasmania (and were likely the ones who had suffocated her pleasantly) would not stink. Not that it really mattered if they did - David Beckham had been trained bitterly by the Alliance military prior to her work on their deadly radioactive phaser-bow - but in case she would wamble, it was probably best to be aware of the risks.


A pastor uses a biological secret pirate-grenade-launcher! And then stuff happens. And then more stuff happens. And then everyone dies.

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