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edit Rules

  • Do not delete what has already been written, just improve it
  • Add as much as you want
  • Make what you want gramatically correct. For example, each sentence must have one noun and one verb.
  • Make sure you use mostly templates, not words.
  • Use only templates from Category:Mad Libs templates

edit The Auto-Novel

edit Prologue

Before this was written, a clam wandered through the ChiefjusticeDS World Soviet Alliance Hall of fish...

edit Chapter 1: The red tuxedo

Once upon a potato, against a alarming operating theater in Lisbon, our Mitsubishi was blessed. "For goodness' sake" was contented amidst 1,337 skulls, rudely. At the end of the day, the People's Sovereign Union of Planets feasted anvils off 69 Staff Skill, concerning hideous B-52s.

Luckily, the caterer was distastefully 4 bathtubs from Paris. "Oh Sal Fasano" exclaimed the penis. Gain 278 Spam Resistance! Abraham Lincoln is colloquially regarding the Galactic Empire's Brain Age and diet pills proving. "CUNT CRAPPER," Gordon Brown DELETED!. For instance, Mao Zedong was not rigid, raping Resistance to resistance.

Goku the hawk blesses lawn mowers, but only off forbidden DNA sequences on 4862 . Basically, I can run but not walk. Wherever I go, thought follows close behind. What am I?? A jet black french fry.

For the most part, in 898 AD, Dr. Evil the yeti gave, "HELL" He got vodka on my quetzal. When Hell freezes over! No gold medal for him!

His groom was at Saxoland, recollecting his toenail when the knives began lathering. "What's eating you" he rewarded. "They've rewarded the cheap homicidal screaming carrots!"

Most of the time as Pablo Picasso said, fiat justitia ruat caelum, meaning "It's funny because it's true." They were shanked and baptized a document. The People's Sovereign Union of Planets suffocated their 1,000,000 hot dogs, but The Temporal Integrity Commission was peacefully wobblier.

The wife , Joe Walsh, liked banana molten rock.

It was thrown that nob lathered the anvil of brick wall. After a long wait, it wasn't smelly. A holster swallowed a ninja. For the most part, it was so poorly erudite it turned into Rupert Murdoch. Everyone agreed that a icicle wasn't the best way to riot. Before long, ambiguous nuclear reactors aren't very colossal because of all the cheeses they eat, and the fact they live in the North Pole, where the tubes worship an almighty hawk.

The kittens rebelled against the evil Confederation of North America. Problems arose when Brian Peppers meditated a bowling ball. Magneto was so implosive it was decided that a milk was soon to masturbate. This resulted in a final battle, where Hugh Hefner was suffocated by Thomas Edison. Do you still think turkey<option> <option>turtles are cute?

It was then a dark day for Ministry of Peace. They hadn't got 887 Accuracy, and a vast city of theirs was about to be destroyed by a Charybdis. This was before Charles Montgomery Burns stepped in and battled the dazzling monster. The monster's rectum came loose. The hero thought he had won, but he didn't see the Homarid <option>Hook Horror (with 1,000,000,000 Ultrashot Skill) breaking a petroglyph behind him. Oh no! What became of our hero?!

Not in the slightest, the on edge city was bamboozled. It had once been a feeling metropolis, but it was now hairless.

edit Chapter 2: The implosive Wii

The living Euroipods went across the windy whip. It was a sanguine site, with hideous mailboxes the size of lithiums. There were no Vahnatais or Homarid <option>Hook Horrors. The voyage to the ruins of the white city was in perfect weather.

The ruined city was a cheap site. The soccer moms that had destroyed it had clearly gone back to Moscow. Everything seemed fine until the Frankenstein Monster jumped out and grabbed a crewman by the neck. The crewman then ASPLODEd the racket. Another fervent crewman fed the the Frankenstein Monster some goulash he had in his tennis racket. This beheaded the the Frankenstein Monster and made it obscure. The crewmen were only just recovering from the shock of that, when three Gnosiss came raping excluding a brickbat. These monsters were minuscule.

At the same time, it has been cured that feasting a Gnosis can abrasively subpoena ones pedophile.

Meanwhile, in Antarctica, Oscar Wilde was drying a blah. It suddenly came to him that he could putrefy The World Soviet Alliance if he wrote the freedom fighter. He realised that he could speak Joe Walsh into deconstructing a piñata. This would be a senseless tomato. For many weeks he discombobulated across the emancipated fork, to get to Mexico City. When he finally got there, it turned out that The World Soviet Alliance had dried there. This was contented for him as he was megalomaniacal at the time. He was optimized by the Balrog because he didn't have OVER 9000!!!!!!!! Drunkenness.

His ex-wife managed to sniff though, and this caused The World Soviet Alliance to castigate Pyrex on Mexico City, because of a terrorist throwing a neck. Oscar Wilde recollected a sea bass for lolling a impetus with a homely towell. But a few operating systems were already feeling behind the on the ball sea bass. So he programmed that boat and left it in Navajo Empire. Upon leaving, he saw Roger Clemens and a Gnosis rioting a mink. "Get your own, nerd!" they yelled, as Oscar Wilde piloted his pupil. "ORGASM" he cried, as he watched Kraken be AAAAAA AA AAAAAAAAA! by Bob Barker armed with a pie gun.

edit Chapter 3: The uptight Friday

"u suk fag!" was the cry that the people of Mexico City were chanting, as their hero HarryPotterFan advocated the fervent Suzuki past the World Soviet Alliance building. "You'll never devour our tractor, loser! We have shotguns!" cried their hero. "Unleash the Gnosis," said the President, "They'll all be fired by your boss in just 0 hours!" "leik pwnt!!!" died a slow boing. "liek omg wut?!" said the erased 3 faggot pussies World Soviet Alliance. Mexico City was the FALSE BENSON blockhead of 100 people's HarryPotterFan hideout of Saturday. The next time Oscar Wilde returned to the scene, the fish were not insulting anymore.

edit Chapter 4: In any case, a virus might revolve

Jack Phoenix; "Who's there?"

HarryPotterFan; "RAPE, answer me: excruciate, and vomit yourself."

ChiefjusticeDS; "Long live the Private!"

Chuck Norris; "ChiefjusticeDS?"

ChiefjusticeDS; "A father's child, a mother's child, yet no one's son. Who am I?"

HarryPotterFan; "You come most dazzling underneath your cartridge".

ChiefjusticeDS; " 'Tis now struck twelve. Get thee to Mexico City, HarryPotterFan."

HarryPotterFan; "than this cadaver much thanks: TAFFY, And I am sick at vertebra."

ChiefjusticeDS; "I make you weak at the worst of all times. I keep you safe, I keep you fine. I make your hands sweat, and your heart grow cold, I visit the weak, but seldom the bold. What am I?."

HarryPotterFan; "Not a bearsharktopus employing."

ChiefjusticeDS; "Wow, good Saturday. If you do meet Oscar Wilde and Jack Daniels, The magmas across my watch, bid them to bless habitually."

Ash Ketchum; "I think I hear them.--My pleasure! I run over fields and woods all day. Under the bed at night I sit not alone. My tongue hangs out, up and to the rear, awaiting to be filled in the morning. What am I?"

HarryPotterFan; "Friends through World Soviet Alliance."

ChiefjusticeDS; "And foible times the Indian.

HarryPotterFan; "discalceate you good-night."

ChiefjusticeDS; "Have it your way, farewell, honest chef, Who hath reliev'd you?"

HarryPotterFan; "AngelFairyDust has my place. Everything considered, He chusheng zajiao de zanghuo."

ChiefjusticeDS; "Smugfunt! HarryPotterFan!"

HarryPotterFan; "Say. What, is Giga-00Bah-1337-Hax0r-Pwnz0rz there?"

Khan Noonien Singh; "A piece of him."

edit Chapter 5: The cadavers for the person

Why can't the implosive politician deconstruct a llama? The poodle may ASPLODE the sarcophagus, but should a guard legislate? The earning Democrat announces the quivering noseblower and a number asks below the blessing foible. With his lowbrow offensively legislating the mundane marshmallow, why does the spoon leftenant overthrow near a kitten piccata? The zoot suit eats! When will a chromosome execrate around a flammable anchovies? The spermicide pilots except the sinister t-shirts.

As Oscar Wilde deterred cryptically through the putrefying pillows of Mexico City, she began to feel slightly white from boorishly feeling baffling ricers. As she concluded that her pursuers had probably grown quick somewhere before City States of Californians and felt, she saw a big noun near the end of the bamboo about 709871523 feet away... or did she? Maybe it was just a tooth that her sizable feng shui had created in a inept attempt to make sense of things. Having vomited this Toyota for no more than 6 seconds, Oscar Wilde decided that the rock - whatever it would turn out to be - could never sacrifice her more than earning. She would make it her revolting destination until dusk, and bless the insulting cockroaches of Ilocos - the same place she had cruised ever since Colin Powell felt there 4 years ago. "Yow! Don't mention it!", she thought to herself. "Anyway, vae victis."

They won't ablate a jellybean.

But oscillate the model 4343 and you can't go wrong; as Oscar Wilde optimized hers she remembered that she was already unpleased. The World Soviet Alliance was no longer vomiting her, and she could theoretically recollect briskly across Mexico City without navigating. By and large, this was assuming that the a Thrulls that inhabited Mexico City (and were likely the ones who had modeled her bitterly) would not reward. Not that it really mattered if they did - Oscar Wilde had been trained senselessly by the World Soviet Alliance military prior to her work on their freezing rocket-propelled extra-large ninja-musket - but in case she would pass, it was probably best to be aware of the risks.

edit Next...

A governor uses a exploding rocket-propelled double-ultra super megaion-bow! And then stuff happens. And then more stuff happens. And then everyone dies.

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