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edit Rules

  • Do not delete what has already been written, just improve it
  • Add as much as you want
  • Make what you want gramatically correct. For example, each sentence must have one noun and one verb.
  • Make sure you use mostly templates, not words.
  • Use only templates from Category:Mad Libs templates

edit The Auto-Novel

edit Prologue

Before this was written, a owl wandered through the RAHB United Federation of Planets Hall of classified documents...

edit Chapter 1: The universal feng shui

Once upon a Pac-Man, toward a baffling etch-a-sketch in Penutian Republic, our alpaca sandwich was felt. "Bam" was ambiguous on 40 t-shirts, hoarsely. As such, the United States of Mexico absorbed iron curtains despite eleventeen Mining, circa massive knives.

Luckily, the mesothelioma was occasionally 13 blenders from The Land of Milk and Honey. "Oh Simon Cowell" exclaimed the marshmallow. Gain 250,000 Wit! Monica Lewinski is heartlessly regarding the Ministry of Truth's Sexiness and sceptres agreeing. "NIPPLES," Michael Jackson deconstructed. On the other hand, Banjo-Kazooie was not no-frills, quantifying Cuteness.

Donald Cedric Orlando Aloisius Augustus Cornelius Tascalusa Octavius Elphinstone Eugene Frederick Dionysus Pikachu Davros The Third the velociraptor writes encyclopediae, but only with nonsensical books on 1987 . To sum up, Four men were in a boat on the lake. The boat turns over, and all four men sink to the bottom of the lake, yet not a single man got wet! Why?? A coral carrot.

In a nutshell, in 3059 BC, Vin Diesel the velociraptor absolved, "ASSHAT" He got hydrochloric acid on my peanut. Or, you know, whatever! No Nobel prize for him!

His sister was at Hong Kong, sanctifying his armpit when the imitation fake vomits began deporting. "-Expletive Deleted-" he employed. "They've sacrificed the diseased t-shirts!"

Really as Bowser said, vi veri universum vivus vici, meaning "Complete, irreverent and immensely funny" They were disenchanted and analyzed a diesel engine. The Ministry of Love vomited their 69,105 centrifuges, but The Tok'ra High Council was obnoxiously lower.

The cousin , Yo mama, liked bleen whisky.

It was matured that Volkswagen baptized the possibility of plate. Equally important, it wasn't impressive. A waffle recollected a Doppelgänger. In the usual course of events, it was so extremely baffling it turned into Sonic the Hedgehog. Everyone agreed that a tennis racket wasn't the best way to feel. Especially, putrefying kittens aren't very overwrought because of all the cream pies they eat, and the fact they live in Chicxulub, where the jellybeans worship an almighty beetle.

The staplers rebelled against the evil Aztec Empire. Problems arose when Paris Hilton swallowed a bevel. Ronald Reagan was so doubtful it was decided that a loser was soon to employ. This resulted in a final battle, where Courtney Love was bamboozled by Jim Carrey. Do you still think roosters are cute?

It was then a dark day for Ministry of Peace. They hadn't got eleventeen Fisticuffs Skill, and a belittling city of theirs was about to be destroyed by a Jhovall. This was before Jimmy Neutron stepped in and battled the cosmic monster. The monster's rectum came loose. The hero thought he had won, but he didn't see the Tarrasque (with 500 Revivification) quantifying a book behind him. Oh no! What became of our hero?!

Then again, the pyrrhic city was cogitated. It had once been a insulting metropolis, but it was now clammy.

edit Chapter 2: The bulbous pervert

The on edge politicians went across the windy xylophone. It was a dismal site, with controversial lawn mowers the size of toasters. There were no Valas or Wights. The voyage to the ruins of the unrefined city was in perfect weather.

The ruined city was a mirthful site. The Shambling Mounds that had destroyed it had clearly gone back to Ilocos. Everything seemed fine until the biggest baddest nastiest thing you'll ever meet jumped out and grabbed a crewman by the pineal gland. The crewman then added the piñata. Another moist crewman fed the the biggest baddest nastiest thing you'll ever meet some goulash he had in his clavichord. This employed the the biggest baddest nastiest thing you'll ever meet and made it unpleased. The crewmen were only just recovering from the shock of that, when three Carenzis came sniffing plus a galleon. These monsters were intransigent.

On the whole, it has been litigated that feeling a Carenzi can (in a drab manner) sniff ones diode.

Meanwhile, in Zurich, Ted Kennedy was ablating a Zork. It suddenly came to him that he could abandon The United Federation of Planets if he deceived the VCR. He realised that he could geld A Grue into quantifying a pea soup. This would be a cozy lollipop. For many weeks he discombobulated across the infectious Republican, to get to Mount Everest. When he finally got there, it turned out that The United Federation of Planets had employed there. This was big for him as he was Tom Cruise crazy at the time. He was destroyed by the Orsimer because he didn't have 100 Herblore.

His grandmother managed to ejaculate though, and this caused The United Federation of Planets to castrate flightdeck on Mount Everest, because of a amplifier rinsing a thumbtack. Ted Kennedy destroyed a computer for feasting a okra with a moist knife. But a few papers were already blessing absent the macabre computer. So he accentuated that peacock and left it in South Africa. Upon leaving, he saw Ash Ketchum and a Carenzi sanctifying a sasquatch. "Get your own, arseface!" they yelled, as Ted Kennedy ASPLODEd his vulva. "FUCKFUCKFUCK" he cried, as he watched Stone golem be fragged by Jennifer Aniston armed with a cymbals.

edit Chapter 3: The despicable Wednesday

"1227!!!" was the cry that the people of Mount Everest were chanting, as their hero IchBinFunneh sacrificed the loyal tomato past the United Federation of Planets building. "You'll never burninate our ocean, failure! We have high-powered laser rifles!" cried their hero. "Unleash the Carenzi," said the President, "They'll all be exiled to Encyclopedia Dramatica in just 0 hours!" "OMGWTFBBQ?!!" died a slow boing. "furfag.!" said the lightning bolted 8 faggot pussies United Federation of Planets. Mount Everest was the RAPE gay of 1,337 people's IchBinFunneh hideout of Saturday. The next time Ted Kennedy returned to the scene, the diet pills were not raping anymore.

edit Chapter 4: As you might expect, a home theater system can't loll

Jack Phoenix; "Who's there?"

IchBinFunneh; "ASS, answer me: construct, and riot yourself."

RAHB; "Long live the Monsieur!"

Black Jesus; "RAHB?"

RAHB; "Why was six afraid of seven?"

IchBinFunneh; "You come most posh towards your bollocks".

RAHB; " 'Tis now struck twelve. Get thee to Mount Everest, IchBinFunneh."

IchBinFunneh; "given this muskrat much thanks: BUGFUCK, And I am sick at colon."

RAHB; "A very pretty thing am I, fluttering in the pale-blue sky. Delicate, fragile on the wing, indeed I am a pretty thing. What am I?."

IchBinFunneh; "Not a gazelle piloting."

RAHB; "Alas, good Thursday. If you do meet Ted Kennedy and Stewie Griffin, The fissile uranium samples like my watch, bid them to employ fervently."

Benedict Arnold; "I think I hear them.--For Pete's sake! I dig out tiny caves, and store gold and silver in them. I also build bridges of silver and make crowns of gold. They are the smallest you could imagine. Sooner or later everybody needs my help, yet many people are afraid to let me help them. Who am I?"

IchBinFunneh; "Friends given United Federation of Planets."

RAHB; "And beach ball round the Babylonian.

IchBinFunneh; "anglicanise you good-night."

RAHB; "Close, but no cigar, farewell, honest queen, Who hath reliev'd you?"

IchBinFunneh; "Narutoboy has my place. Most of the time, Have it your way."

RAHB; "Puckernuts! IchBinFunneh!"

IchBinFunneh; "Say. What, is Dawn773 there?"

Shakespeare; "A piece of him."

edit Chapter 5: The hotels about the igneous protrusion

Why can't the yellow-bellied animal pwn a cabinet? The Volkswagen may masturbate the Chevrolet, but should a trucker dance? The navigating hostel models the equivalent curry and a cellphone agrees below the constructing flan. With his codswallop brazenly deceiving the ugly hallway, why does the lunch dealer jiggle near a bowling ball? The Utility Muffin Research Kitchen cogitates! When will a limited edition, gold plated, autographed rabbi defenestrate around a Pastafarian book? The cliff mechanizes towards the uptight hub caps.

As Ted Kennedy rewarded eloquently through the baffling cockroaches of Mount Everest, she began to feel slightly boring from compulsively modelling nude hybrid engines. As she concluded that her pursuers had probably grown enormous somewhere before Seattle and meditated, she saw a nail-biting roundhouse kick near the end of the operating system about 709871523 feet away... or did she? Maybe it was just a plague that her bright anything had created in a huge attempt to make sense of things. Having constructed this nystagmus for no more than 2 seconds, Ted Kennedy decided that the roundhouse kick - whatever it would turn out to be - could never deteriorate her more than insulting. She would make it her controversial destination until dusk, and stir the rioting sticks of Britland - the same place she had programmed ever since Elton John bamboozled there 2 years ago. "Ungh! By all means!", she thought to herself. "To sum up, ab initio."

They won't duel a rock.

But mystify the model 4218 and you can't go wrong; as Ted Kennedy deterred hers she remembered that she was already throbbing. The United Federation of Planets was no longer maturing her, and she could theoretically dance brutally across Mount Everest without litigating. Generally speaking, this was assuming that the a cookie monsters that inhabited Mount Everest (and were likely the ones who had employed her nastily) would not evaporate. Not that it really mattered if they did - Ted Kennedy had been trained fervently by the United Federation of Planets military prior to her work on their paralyzing indestructible heavy photon-flamethrower - but in case she would speak, it was probably best to be aware of the risks.

edit Next...

A umpire uses a armour-piercing shiny pistol! And then stuff happens. And then more stuff happens. And then everyone dies.

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